• Aaron Simpson

Q&A with Greg Wallace, head coach at Washington School

Q: So this is your first year at Washington School. What drew you to the job?

A: Washington School is the best academic school in the area, and they are a traditionally strong athletic school. They have great administrators and the facilities are really high-level.

Q: What were your expectations for the team coming into this season?

A: I always expect to improve in some way every day. I want my entire staff to improve as coaches and people, and we expect the same from our guys. We have to develop culture through example first. That’s what we want and expect: to be better today than we were yesterday.

Q: This is your third year at a MAIS school. How does the competition compare to the TSSAA competition you faced at Northpoint?

A: I feel like both are very strong as far as competition goes. We faced some dudes at Northpoint, and we have seen some great teams in this league also. The only edge might go to a few of those TSSAA teams like Lausanne as far as overall team speed.

Q: How will y’all look to rebound from your loss last week [against Starkville Academy]?

A: Last week, we made two really big mistakes on special teams and had way too many penalties. Our coaching staff has worked extremely hard to correct those mistakes and focused very hard on playing clean with as few penalties as possible. Our guys have responded well and our preparation so far has been intense and focused. Really hope it shows up in how we play.

Q: So how are y’all preparing for Leake Academy?

A: We will have to stop the run early. They have several good backs and a very experienced line, so we have to be where we are suppose to be and read our keys. Discipline on defense is going to be the key for us. We have also made a couple changes on our offensive line that we believe give us better run opportunities. We can’t afford any mistakes in the kicking game; they will hurt us every time.

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