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New Threads: A Look at New Uniforms for the 2019 Season

For the staff at SES Mississippi, there is one thing that we absolutely love other than sports, and that would be the uniforms the athletes wear during said sport.

As the Mississippi high school football season draws even closer, we are getting more and more looks at all the wardrobe updates that teams are getting this fall, and we have not been disappointed.

First on our list is New Albany’s new Adidas threads. Allow me to speak for all of us at SES Mississippi when I say that these are uniquely eye-catching. The inspiration for these designs definitely resemble Mississippi State’s current look, with the maroon jersey sporting the white-gray-white stripe on the sleeves and the white jersey having the maroon-gray-maroon. The new jerseys also include a set of white pants with M-G-M stripes and a set of gray pants with M-W-M stripes.

Photo courtesy of New Albany football

Also notice that across the chest of both jerseys, the ‘NA’ logo is present along with “BULLDOGS” written in an outline block font under it. This type of branding across the chest is something I have never seen before. If it were me designing these, I would have just put “New Albany” written across the front of both maroon and white jerseys, but that’s just how I feel.

Overall, this is a nice set and we cannot wait to see how these look when they hit the field.

Next on our list is 6A’s defending state champion, the Horn Lake Eagles. On August 5, the football team’s Twitter account posted this photo revealing their new threads. These new jerseys are in Nike’s latest jersey template, Vapor Untouchable, which is what most college and NFL teams rock today.

Photo courtesy of Horn Lake football

These designs have no stripes, but the maroon jerseys’ collar and sleeve bands are white and the whites’ are maroon, which is a detail that, I believe, is underrated. The eagle head logo is seen on the center on the collars which is also a nice detail. I personally love that both jerseys have “Horn Lake” written across the chest. When it comes to branding on the chest, I always go with the school’s name. The name and numbers on both jerseys are portrayed by Michigan State’s font, which is a font that I personally love.

Overall, I feel like this is a nice upgrade for Horn Lake. They just won a state championship and these jerseys make them look like champions. Bravo, Eagles.

The next team on our list does not have any new jerseys for this season, but instead, a new helmet.

In 2018, the Bruce Trojans made the decision to transition back to their traditional old gold as a secondary color after several years of rocking vegas gold. Although they wore new Nike jerseys that had old gold accents, they were still stuck with the vegas golds helmets for a season.

This season, the Trojans will go back to a familiar look. The new helmet has a blue shell with a gold facemask, the classic “Bruce” script in white on the right side, and the player’s number in white on the other side.

This is what I call a perfect example of mixing tradition with the present. The blue shell with the gold facemask is well renown throughout the program’s history and it with the “Bruce” on one side and number on the other, a design that is more modern, is what makes this lid very appealing.

This helmet update makes this BHS alumnus very proud. Good job, Trojans.

Bruce is not the only school in Calhoun County with new helmets this fall.

Photo by John Macon Gillespie, courtesy of the Calhoun County Journal

This season, the Calhoun City Wildcats will be rocking these nice black lids with a “Wildcats” script on the sides. This look is really nice and it harkens back to the early-mid 2000s helmets they had. It would seem that the Wildcats’ new head coach Chad White likes tradition.

It’s a new era for Calhoun City, which calls for a new look.

Next on our list is another helmet update, and this time it comes from the Leake County Gators.

On May 29, the football team’s Twitter account posted a picture revealing their new helmets for this fall.

Photo courtesy of Leake County football

The helmet has a white shell and a white facemask with an orange gator head on both sides. These are very nice, I have always been a fan of white helmets and these are a prime example as to why. They just stand out very well with the orange gator on the side of the helmet.

Well done, Gators.

Next on our list is yet another helmet and it is, in my opinion, the best helmet on this list.

This fall, the Lafayette Commodores will rock white helmets with white facemasks, a red block “L” with a gold outline on the sides and a gold anchor stripe, like the one the Vanderbilt Commodores frequently use on their helmets, along with a gold stripe down the facemask.

When it comes to football helmets, there are mediocre helmets, average helmets, good helmets and then there are these helmets. These are gorgeous and very unique. Their gold helmets with the “Dores” script on the side was always my favorite until I first saw these. I cannot wait for these to hit the field when the Commodores kick their season off.

Very nice, Lafayette.

Another new white helmet this year comes from Greenville St. Joseph. The Fighting Irish have added this new white alternate lid to go with their gold ones. The logo on the side is the same: the Irish’s signature clover logo. Coach Baker and his staff did a great job with this one, and their two Elite 10 members will look great on the field in these this season.

Photo courtesy of St. Joseph football

For our last entry on our list, we go back to jerseys and these are very nice to look at.

This season, the North Panola Cougars will be rocking these new red jerseys. Like Horn Lake’s new threads, these are also in the Nike Vapor Untouchable jersey template. The sleeves on this jersey have a big white stripe in between two smaller black stripes. If you ask me, this is a very solid design and I would not change a thing on this jersey. The Cougars’ head coach Carl Diffee has confirmed that the Cougars will also be getting a new set of white jerseys just before the season kicks off.

Photo courtesy of North Panola football

Although there may be other schools we haven’t mentioned who also have new uniforms coming this fall, we at SES cannot wait to see all of them hit the field in action this season.

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