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Editor's Mailbag presented by G's Place: Week Nine

Hello, and welcome back to the Editor's Mailbag. I'm your host, John Macon Gillespie, and it's time to answer some questions. Thanks for all who participated and regularly participate on the twittersphere. Your cooperation has been noted.

For those of you who missed it, the Braves curled up and died in Game 5 of the NLDS, and, being a lifelong Braves fan, I mourned profusely as a result. Jake was kind enough to remind me of my pain and ask the question I've been asking myself for years, "Why the Braves?" Why, indeed.

I think there are two pretty big ones this week in Madison Central at Starkville and Laurel at West Jones. Both feature really talented teams with Top 10 implications and could impact division races. While these may not be the biggest games left in the season, they're both pretty dang big, and since this is Week Nine, I figure it's a good time to mention them.

The Magnolia State.

Manchester Academy came in at No. 1 in our 8-man rankings this week, so I shall go with the majority opinion, there.

My family has always set aside Black Friday as the day where we bust out the Christmas decorations, and I think that's a tradition most families should stand by. Let Halloween and Thanksgiving pass, but then it's Christmastime.

It really depends on the personnel. I'm a proponent of the Spread and like most of my plays run from the shotgun formation, but I'm not averse to running the Wing-T or the Veer if necessary. Whatever gets your talent in the best position to win, that's what you need to run. There's something magical about watching Army run the triple-option, and it's so hard to defend, so if you have less talent than your opponents, that may be the way to go if you can run it effectively.

I'm not sure. The saying goes, "If you have two quarterbacks, you have none," and I'm typically a proponent of that idea, but Plumlee brings so much to the field with his ground explosiveness, but leaves something to be desired in the passing game. Corral is the more efficient passer with better arm talent, and if Ole Miss wants to keep from being one dimensional, they have to be able to throw the ball. I believe Corral gives them the best shot to do that.

So, in short, I think Ole Miss' situation is unique, and both quarterbacks need a package in the offense where their skillsets can be utilized. That quarterback room is made up entirely of freshmen, and that's something I think we forget. They all have some development left to do.

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