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We've reached that weird purgatory stage of the season where half of the MHSAA is in the playoffs and the other half isn't. Much like Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy, SES Mississippi will be with you on your journey through this purgatory to paradise, which just so happens to be in Hattiesburg this year in the form of the state championships.

This is the Editor's Mailbag brought to you by G's Place Gourmet Deli & Gifts in Vardaman, Mississippi. Thanks for tuning in. You, dear reader, are tasked each week (give or take) with giving me questions on the Twittersphere to answer in the form of this here mailbag. As always, thanks for your participation.

I've made a Divine Comedy reference, so we're off to a rousing start. Where else can you find high school football coverage along with comparisons to classic literature? Probably not at the local 7/11, or any other website on these here internets. With that being said, let's dive in to why you're actually here, and that's the questions.


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NCAA Football

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This is a really good question, one that required a lot of thought. I think sticking with Heisman winners from each year would be a good start, or some national championship coaches. Or EA Sports could do what some college football preview magazines do and put specific athletes on the cover for a specific region. Like athletes from each SEC school would be on the cover in stores in the southeast, for instance.

That's what I would do, but I'm not in their marketing department. Although if they'd like for me to be, they can hit my line at any time.

Here's the staff that shall lead our hypothetical team to the promised land. We won't stop till we win the natty, boys.

Head Coach -- John Macon Gillespie. I would also have my hand deep in the playbook but would share play-calling duties with my OC.

Offensive Coordinator -- Walker Bailey. I like his style of play.

Quarterbacks Coach -- Nathaniel Gabler. I would also be available to help with the quarterback room because of my days running the WING-T FOR THE HOULKA JR. HIGH WILDCATS, BABY. But I like Nate's analysis of offenses, so I think he could handle the field generals.

Wide Receivers Coach -- Cal Brown. This just seems fitting, doesn't it?

Tight Ends Coach -- Dalton Middleton. He lobbied for the job on Twitter, so I gave it to him.

Running Backs Coach/Linebackers Coach/Strength Coach -- Josh Clayton. Josh is into rugby which is a very grueling sport on your body, and I want my backs to have that level of toughness. I gave him many hats here because of his rugby experience, actually. Get us in shape, Josh.

Offensive Line Coach -- Aaron Simpson. Aaron better have Nate's quarterbacks protected on a weekly basis. While I love a scrambling quarterback, they don't need to have to run for their lives.

Defensive Coordinator -- Nick Suss. Nick is also good at the #analysis, so I think he'd fit nicely on defense.

Defensive Line Coach -- Johnathan Williams. I need JWill yelling in the face of our 3-4 defense ASAP.

Defensive Backs/Conditioning/Special Teams -- Jared Redding. Jared's track experience should come in handy with conditioning our kids, and he has a DB mindset, so I figured I'd let him run the show there. And special teams? Someone has to do it. "Kick the ball through the yellow things" should suffice.

Thank you for a Thanksgiving-related question. My grandmother makes the best dressing on the planet, so I have to go with that. Stuffing usually doesn't do much for me unless I'm starving.

Calhoun City, Philadelphia and Pelahatchie. Book it.

It actually sounds like Oxford is moving forward with Waffle House plans, so I pray we have waffles soon.

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