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Craddock Oil Mr. Elite Finalist, Philip Short

Craddock Oil Mr. Elite Finalist, Philip Short. Photo courtesy of PrepsNet. Graphic courtesy of Cal Brown.

For years, our fourth Craddock Oil Mr. Elite finalist has watched the Jackson Prep Patriots win championship after championship. However, in his final season, Short made sure he would leave that final game of the season on top.

Madison-Ridgeland Academy quarterback Philip Short has been named the last finalist for the Craddock Oil Mr. Elite Award. Since 2014, the Mr. Elite Award has been given out to the best high school football senior in the state of Mississippi. The player personifies what it truly means to be elite on the gridiron, in the classroom, in the community, as well as being someone that Mississippi high school football will miss when their playing days are finished.

Philip Short has been known by his teammates, coaches, and fans as one whom they can count on when everything is on the line and will play hard from snap to whistle. As a starter, he has compiled a record of 24-3.

In 2017, the Patriots went 8-5, but made an early exit in the second round of the AAAA-I playoffs. The following year, The Patriot would be a force to be reckoned with.

In 2018, Short and his Patriot teammates would finally get over the hump and knock off Jackson Prep in the regular season convincingly. The final score was 42-21, in large part to Short’s outstanding performance. Five weeks later, a perfect season went up in smoke as they failed to repeat their dismantling of Jackson Prep. They were defeated 33-27 and gave Prep their seventh consecutive state title. Short had one final shot the following year. He would make the most of it.

As a senior, Short was borderline unstoppable behind center. They were beating opponents by nearly 26 points a game and defeated Jackson Prep not once, but twice, including the final game of the season. Short led MRA to a 12-2 record en route to the school’s first state title in 15 long years.

In total, Short has a career percentage of 68 percent while throwing for 6,726 yards and 74 touchdown passes in just two years with the program. He also owns the state record for passing yards in a game with 593 thrown against Jackson Prep in his final game as a Patriot.

The 2019 Craddock Oil Mr. Elite Award and Craddock Trophy will be announced next week. Date and time TBA.

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