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Caledonia's Brandon Chrest strives for playoffs, improvement with Fortius Project

Brandon Chrest (19) talks with members of the Caledonia defense

during a high school football game in 2018 | Photo by Melissa Holley

2018 was a learning year for the Confederates of Caledonia.

CHS finished their campaign at 3-7 overall and missed out on the postseason for the second-straight year. Despite a less-than-stellar win-loss record, rising-junior Brandon Chrest believes that his team gained valuable experience last season.

"I feel like it, overall, improved us, and it was a great season," Chrest said. "If you saw the record, you might not think it was a successful season, but we didn't get our coaches until midway or late-summer training time. The season showed us what we needed to work on and how we need to do it."

Although the 'Feds had to adjust to some new coaching schemes in 2018, Chrest believes that this staff is the right group for the job to lead the program to success.

"The coaches really helped us improve," Chrest said. "They really have been pushing us in the offseason. The coaches are great, and I really couldn't ask for a better coaching staff than our new coaching staff."

The Caledonia coaching staff is helping push Chrest and his team to reach new goals in 2019, including a playoff berth and win.

"My goals are to try to get my team to the playoffs this season and to try to get us our first playoff win," Chrest said. "With this coaching staff and team, I fully believe we'll go to the playoffs and advance."

For Chrest, his goals don't stop with team improvement, but also include improvement as a player as he heads into his junior season.

"My personal goals are to get more fluent reading my keys and really getting my stats up," Chrest said. "I feel like I have some really good teammates, and I want my stats and play to support the team rather than hurt the team."

Although Chrest is looking to boost his stats this season, his 2018 stat line was impressive, as well. Chrest accumulated 129 total tackles and forced three fumbles in his sophomore campaign. He is taking a step towards reaching these goals for this fall, however, with participating in the 2019 installment of The Fortius Project at Northeast Mississippi Community College.

"I want to come for the competition and see how the other players are in my position and see how much I need to improve and compete better," Chrest said. "I know there is good position coaching at the camp. I just hope I am able to pick it up and benefit from it."

To join Chrest and other Mississippi athletes in competing in the fourth installment of The Fortius Project, click here.

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