• John Macon Gillespie

SES Staff Picks: North & South Half Edition

For the 24 MHSAA teams still alive, a trip to Hattiesburg is on the line this week. Here are picks from SES Mississippi staff members John Macon Gillespie (@JMakeSES), Jared Redding (@RowdySES), Mack Gordon (@MackGordonSES) and Walker Bailey (@WalkerBaileySES).

1A North: Smithville (11-3) @ Simmons (13-0)

JMake: Simmons

Rowdy: Simmons

Mack: Simmons

Walker: Simmons

1A South: East Marion (8-5) @ Nanih Waiya (13-1)

JMake: Nanih Waiya

Rowdy: Nanih Waiya

Mack: Nanih Waiya

Walker: Nanih Waiya

2A North: Calhoun City (10-4) @ Scott Central (13-1)

JMake: Calhoun City

Rowdy: Calhoun City

Mack: Calhoun City

Walker: Scott Central

2A South: Bay Springs (11-3) @ Taylorsville (14-0)

JMake: Taylorsville

Rowdy: Taylorsville

Mack: Taylorsville

Walker: Taylorsville

3A North: Water Valley (12-2) @ North Panola (12-1)

JMake: North Panola

Rowdy: North Panola

Mack: Water Valley

Walker: North Panola

3A South: Jefferson Davis County (10-4) @ Seminary (11-3)

JMake: Jefferson Davis County

Rowdy: Jefferson Davis County

Mack: Jefferson Davis County

Walker: Jefferson Davis County

4A North: Greenwood (11-2) @ Louisville (13-1)

JMake: Louisville

Rowdy: Louisville

Mack: Louisville

Walker: Louisville

4A South: Poplarville (12-1) @ East Central (12-0)

JMake: Poplarville

Rowdy: East Central

Mack: East Central

Walker: East Central

5A North: Olive Branch (12-1) @ West Point (12-1)

JMake: West Point

Rowdy: West Point

Mack: Olive Branch

Walker: West Point

5A South: West Jones (11-2) @ Picayune (10-3)

JMake: West Jones

Rowdy: West Jones

Mack: Picayune

Walker: West Jones

6A North: Madison Central (10-3) @ Horn Lake (13-0)

JMake: Horn Lake

Rowdy: Horn Lake

Mack: Horn Lake

Walker: Madison Central

6A South: Oak Grove (11-2) @ Brandon (13-1)

JMake: Brandon

Rowdy: Brandon

Mack: Brandon

Walker: Brandon


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