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Catching Up with Chandler Pittman

Chandler Pittman was nearly unstoppable at quarterback for Magee last season. In a spectacular freshman campaign he led the team with 1,345 yards and eight on the ground. He averaged an impressive five yards per rush. However, he also pitched it around for another 963 yards and eight scores.

Meanwhile the Trojans would finish the regular season 6-5 prior to a first round playoff loss to Tylertown.

This offseason Teddy Dyess took the Magee head coaching job, leaving his post at Philadelphia. That meant change, even for Pittman who had by all means excelled at his role last season.

“Making plays is just an instinct. Every time I touch the ball I’m thinking six,” Pittman told SES Mississippi. “Most people label me as an athlete, literally.”

As a sophomore Pittman has played multiple spots, including on the defensive side of the ball, and in turn the Trojans are 7-3(3-1).

Offensively, Pittman is second on the team in rushing yards(240) and receiving yards(443), while he is tied for second in rushing scores(2) and receiving scores(3).

But it’s on the defensive side of the ball that he has blossomed. He’s tallied 30 tackles, six interceptions, two pass deflections, two fumble recoveries and one forced fumble. The kicker? Three of the picks, and one fumble, he’s retuned for touchdowns.

“When I get it, it’s time to get in the endzone,” Pittman said.

“So far (playing multiple spots) has been great, when I can impact my team at more than one position. Being an athlete is better for me, and harder for our opponents to stop. I love the role I’m playing and so far it is helping the team succeed.”

Pittman’s talents have also led to success on the baseball field, where he is also considered one of the top players within Mississippi in the 2021 graduating class.

This Friday the Trojans travel to face division foe McLaurin, with a home playoff game already ironed down. That’s something the program hasn’t done in a while, but it’s the ultimate goal. Instead, Pittman and his teammates are aiming to win a state title, something the program did last in 2000.

“To bring a state championship to Magee for the first time in 18 years is definitely the goal this year,” Pittman stated.

“Magee hasn’t hosted a playoff game in a few years, so it will be a great time for the team when we do this year. We have the mindset to get to the next round. Our goal is to keep getting better and end our season where it started at Southern Miss.”

Photo courtesy of Kathy Pittman - Facebook

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