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Holiday Provides Energy For Jags Offense

Photo courtesy of Keith Warren

In the halls of Madison Central High School, one would see 2020 QB Jimmy Holiday relaxed and calm. However, that all goes out the window on Friday night. When the song “Hell and Back” by Kid Ink is played in his ears before taking the field, look out.

“I think people would be surprised at how chill I am off the field because of hype and energy I bring to my game,” Holiday told SES Mississippi. “In general I’m just a competitor. I’m always striving for more and to create energy for our team to get momentum on our side.”

After a stellar 2016 season at Rosa Scott (MC’s freshman school), Holiday was ready to do whatever was needed of him on the varsity level in 2017. It took him a couple games to get a consistent role on the offensive side of the ball.

Once head coach Anthony Hart made him the main guy at quarterback, defensive coordinators on the schedule began sweating. They not only had to prepare for stopping an dual-threat athlete like Holiday, but all the ways they have him lined up too.

“With me, the offense has adjusted to a lot of different things we run different sets in our playbook depending on what we see on film,” Holiday said. “We have different players that are capable of doing a lot more things in our offense which enables us to adjust things.”

Holiday finished his sophomore year with 969 yards and 12 TDs through the air and 710 yards and another 12 TDs on the ground.

He delivered in the clutch in two wins against Warren Central and barely fell short twice against Starkville. He and the Jags were 10 yards short of advancing to Oxford for a 6A state title game. That has prepared him well for his second season of varsity ball.

“It just shows the fight to want to be great and better than I was the last game,” Holiday said. “These losses have taught me a lot things and what to prepare this year around. I know what expect now rather than last year being a inexperienced sophomore.”

Holiday is on pace to pass his totals from last year. Through four games, he has 362 passing yards and four TDs as well as 364 yards rushing and eight scores. Madison Central’s only loss this season was in the opener against Brandon in a defensive slugfest.

“Well the key for our team has been to rebuild not regroup,” Holiday said. “Having such a young team means we had a lot of growing to do. Mistakes that happened in Brandon have been worked on and fixed we’re finding ourselves every week. They way practice has also been a big key, the mindset we carry at practice and they coaches prepare for every game.”

Holiday is coached by one of the state’s finest in Anthony Hart, a coach who’s consistently reflects the program over the last decade.

“Coach Hart is really big on being a disciplined team and prepare the right way,” Holiday said. “What separates him from the rest is that he’s the same person on and off the field he doesn’t change. He’s always focusing on preparing us to be great young men.”

The Jaguars will face rival Clinton after their bye week.

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