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Perryman Off To Great Start, Ready For More

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Laurel has been a household name in 5A football for quite some time now. They are looking to continue that tradition this season. The Golden Tornadoes have gone deep into the playoffs each of the last five seasons. This season they're off to a 1-2 start, but a constant bright spot has been Zias Perryman.

The senior running back has rushed for over 300 yards through three games. Perryman seeks out contact and tries to finish runs and punish defenders. He looks up to an all time great running back in that regard.

“Bo Jackson is my favorite back of all time,” Perryman told SES Mississippi. “I love the contact and watching Bo run he definitely loved the contact too.”

While Perryman’s play is certainly loud and draws a lot of attention, Zias says that off the field he could not be more different. He prefers to keep quiet outside of the locker room and off the field.

“I’m super quiet,” Perryman said. “I really just try to stay to myself most of the time and I just don’t really say much.”

Laurel has knocked on the door of state championship multiple times over the last few years. Perryman thinks this team has what it takes in order to finish the job this time.

“My main goal for this team is to win state,” Perryman said. “I want to help them as much as I can and go to state and win.”

Coach Todd Breland has played a major impact in Zias’ development. He has helped change Zias’ outlook on life, as well as take him to new heights on the football field.

“Coach has taken me to levels that I never thought I could reach,” Perryman said. “He has really helped me change the way I look at things and helped me to have a more positive attitude.

Zias has the drive to be successful and wants to take football as far as he can. What drives him is not the success for himself, it’s the people that he loves. The effort that Zias gives on the football field isn’t for him it’s for the people around him.

“This isn’t about me,” Perryman said. “My goal for myself is to make it, but not for me. I want to make it for my loved ones. This is for them.”

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