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Hard Work Keys Success for Head at Fortius Project and Beyond

Last December Ezekiel Head was a key cog in an offensive line that paved the way for one the state’s most dynamic rushing attacks to finish off the second consecutive state title for West Point.

This past Saturday he was earning more hardware for his impressive work at the Fortius Project combine. He left as a proud member of the all-combine team. Part of what has made him and the West Point program successful stuck out in his mind while he was competing.

“I was just remembering my offensive line coach(Casey Welch) favorite line ‘finish’ and that motivated me,” Head told SES Mississippi. “My performance was alright, it could have been better.”

“Getting a medal meant a lot to me as far as only 15 of us were chosen. I felt like I was paid for doing something I love to do.”

With guys there were bigger, and many that were just as talented, Head had to dig deep to win reps and stand out. It wasn’t hard to find the motivation to do so, however.

“The competition made me want to get better and grind harder,” He explained. “Seeing the size of my opponents and loving to compete against great local talent. Also knowing college coaches are watching.”

Hard work is something that has been learned for Head. Being a part of a program like the Green Wave run takes accountability. However, coming back from adversity that he has faced hasn’t been easy either.

“I was injured my sophomore year, so I didn’t play,” Head noted. “I let that motivate me to train harder for a good recovery and to be able to contribute to a team on a quest to win another championship.”

And it’s not just that he calls on advice from his coaches when football is involved. Head says that his coaches and all involved with the Green Wave program are concerned with him as a student and a person.

“Not only do the coaches motivated me to be the best I can be on the field, but they have also taught me how to be a responsible man. And to take advantage of being a student athlete by taking care of my academics before anything,” Head said.

“Mine and coach Welch’s relationship has been the same since I moved up to high school. I know he wants to bring out the aggressiveness and the best out of every offensive lineman. And to bring out the toughest part of you. We’ve butted heads a couple of times with me being a player that wants to get better every day and be a leader. He teaches me to focus on myself and lead by example.”

An additional area that being a West Point player has benefitted Head is the confidence department. Look no further than the tweet he sent out - and pinned to the top of his profile - back on December 3, 2017. It shows a picture of his 2017 state title ring, and promises of adding more to fill out his hand.

“My confidence is in my team and the way we work. Our work ethic is second to none,” Head stated. “The term ‘blue-collared’ describes us. Three days after a state championship we were back in the weight room.”

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