• John Macon Gillespie

Quarterbacks Tearing It Up At ICC Is Good News For Fortius Project Campers

A week from today the Fortius Project combine series will make its third stop in as many years at Itawamba Community College.

Eaton field has played host to plenty of impressive performances for quarterbacks over that time. In the previous two camps - April of 2016 and February of 2017 - five different quarterbacks have been named to the All-Combine team.

Last year South Panola signal caller Patrick Shegog took home the STRONGER award(top performer at the camp). Shegog signed with Delta State earlier this month. In 2016 Clayton Knight(2016 champion with West Point) and Mitchell Tharp(Mooreville, 2018) were top peformers. Last year Autry Windham(Falkner) and Clark Mills(North Pontotoc) joined Shegog on the All-Combine list.

Further, Mills, inked with ICC and could be the future at quarterback for the Indians. While shining at the camp was not the only factor in Sean Cannon and the Indians coveting Mills’s signature, it certainly showed, live and in-person, what they needed to see. Mills took advantage of an opportunity to show out in front of the coaches, and put on a display of accuracy matched no other quarterbacks that day.

Once Mills arrives on campus at ICC, he’ll by vying to be the replacement for recent Georgia State signee Dan Ellington. Last season the former Center Hill star was the MACJC leader in passing yardage per game at 357 yards per game. That mark was good enough for second in the NJCAA, as well. He finished second in the MACJC in total passing yards(3,211) and completion percentage(65.2). Additionally, Ellington’s 27 touchdown passes were fifth-best in the NJCAA and tied for the best mark in the MACJC.

So what is it about Eaton field?

It could be that plenty of talented pass catchers surrounded not only the five All-Combine QBs from the Fortius Project, but the former ICC standout Ellington. Maybe the six guys in focus here are just that good. Quite possibly its the coaching putting players in the right spots to succeed.

Either way you slice it, quarterbacks are having success when they step onto the football playing surface at ICC.

Just as Clark Mills, Patrick Shegog, Dan Ellington and others have done over the course of the past three years, quarterbacks that attend the Fortius Project at ICC will have the opportunity to stand out. The question is, will they? If so, the legend will only continue to grow.

Sign up to compete at the Fortius Project at Itawamba Community College on Saturday, February 24th or at Northeast Mississippi Community College on Saturday, March 24th.


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