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Lafayette's Quinshun Twilley Looks To Bounce Back With Fortius Project

Quinshun Twilley suffered a leg injury in the middle of Lafayette's difficult 2017 season. He is looking to rebound this year and lead the Commodores back to championship contention, starting with his participation in the Fortius Project.

Quinshun Twilley had a rough 2017 season.

On top of a mid-season leg injury, Twilley had to watch as his Lafayette Commodores struggled to make the transition to 5A football, finishing 3-8 on the season. Although last year was not all sunshine and roses for the rising senior, Twilley sees promise for the future.

“We had a lot of guys injured [last season],” Twilley told SES Mississippi, “but overall I just think we need to do all the little things right and come out and compete, and we will be successful."

"Doing the little things right" is essential to winning, especially at the 5A level where the West Point Green Wave, who finished atop the final SES Top 10 this season, reside.

"The little things require way more focus, especially when you're tired," Twilley said. "From the weight room to being on time for class, it's all the little things that count."

Twilley was tired often in 2017, especially after his injury, and says that dedication and the right mindset have gotten him through his recovery.

"Just staying positive about the whole situation," Twilley said. "I mean, that was the second time I broke my leg, so just staying positive and fighting through all the pain and overlooking that voice that's in the back of your mind telling you to just quit."

After an injury-filled, difficult season, it would be easy for the Commodores to listen to that voice in the back of their head and give up. According to Twilley, however, that's not their plan, and their goals for the season reflect that.

"[We want to] be a better team than we were last year," Twilley said. "Everyone do their individual job, and that leads to us being successful as a team."

Along with the goals of his team, Twilley also has some personal goals that he's striving for in 2018.

“[I want to] stay focused in the classroom, step up and lead the team in the best way possible and try my best to contribute to the team while playing some high-caliber football with my brothers on the field,” Twilley said.

Much of Twilley's motivation comes from his teammates, which leads him to try to be an example to his fellow students.

"My peers and my teammates, we're all a family," Twilley said. "I try to do my best so that when one of those guys looks at me, they strive to do the same."

Twilley sees the Fortius Project as an opportunity to sharpen his skills and compete alongside other talented athletes, which will push him to become a better player and make his 2018 goals a reality.

"With all the competition that's going to be there, it will definitely help me," Twilley said.

To compete in the Fortius Project with Twilley and other high school athletes from across the state, register at

**Photo courtesy of Ali Russel

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