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Lewisburg Rising Junior Plans To Be A Threatt At Fortius Project

Cameron Threatt pictured far left(jersey number 21)

Lewisburg, a 5A program located in Olive Branch, is tucked away in the Northern part of the state near the Tennessee line. So often the program is looked over and not highlighted, sometimes even when the program has talented players.

Most are familiar with Chester King and Hakeem Vance who starred for the Patriots in 2017, but rising junior defender Cameron Threatt is hoping to join them as household names. So he’s coming to compete against some of his most talented peers at the Fortius Project combine on March 24th at Northeast Mississippi community college in Booneville.

“I want to be known as an athlete with good grades so I can get multiple offers,” Threatt told SES Mississippi. “What draws me to Fortius are all the D1 athletes that have shown out in front of scouts and in their interviews.”

“My thoughts heading in are just to have fun and show my skills. I have to stay calm and do what I’m capable of doing.”

As a sophomore last season Threatt showed he was capable of holding down a key role in the defensive secondary. He can play corner or safety due to his speed, ball skills and physicality.

He finished the season with 68 tackles and two interceptions. Mostly, he credits footwork, quickness and patience, and he notes those as the attributes that will shine brightest when he competes at the Fortius Project.

But don’t be fooled, those skills also translate to other positions on the field, as well. In addition to his responsibilities on defense, he also saw time at running back, receiver and as a returner on special teams last season. And he could see even more snaps at those spots going forward.

“It just felt natural to me,” He said of playing multiple positions last season. “I was used to it because growing up I played a lot of positions.”

“It’s just about me working with my trainer on footwork in the offseason and staying in the weight room getting stronger.”

The Patriots finished 6-5(2-5) last season after making program history with a 4-0 start. Following the hot start, Lewisburg had plenty of ups and downs as it pertains to wins and losses, but the season wasn’t short on memorable moments.

Threatt recalls a big division win as his favorite moment of the season.

“When we beat Center Hill our student section rushed the field,” He noted.

To have moments like that more often in 2018 Threatt is applying the same focus and work ethic he uses to improve his own game, to the team. In putting the team first he knows it will help him achieve his personal goals.

“I’ve got to come and show out and do my best to help the team win this season. And that scouts should be on the look out for me,” Threatt said.

Helping Lewisburg reach the playoffs, against a stout division, would certainly be a start. But that’s why Threatt plays the game anyways. To win. When asked which he feels stronger - the love of winning or the pain of defeat - he had this to say.

“The love of winning because if we keep winning that would make us a target and would make us work even harder at practice and in the weight room.”

To compete against Cameron and other talented football stars at the Fortius Project, sign up today at

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