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Mosley Looking To Run Through Fortius Project

Many of the Olive Branch football players, including 2019 running back Cameron Mosley were asked the same question after the disastrous 0-11 campaign in 2016: “What happened? What went wrong?” As a result, some players quit. The rest of the players remembered a quote posted in their locker room that says: “You are the FUTURE…those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!” Mosley, along with his other Conquistador teammates were determined to persevere and not quit. As a result, his team put together one of the most dramatic turnarounds in Mississippi high school football history. The Conquistadors went 12-2, only falling to the eventual 5A champion West Point twice.

“As everyone know, we went the season before with no wins, so when our new coach Tyler Turner came, he gave us an option… to let the past affect our new season or work harder than before and strive to be champions. That is what we did each and everyday, working and perfecting our craft,” Mosley told SES Mississippi. “I’m proud of being a part of the big turnaround. It made it special because the seniors wanted to go out in a big way and that what we did with the help from our amazing coaching staff.”

Coach Turner has made a huge impact on Mosley as a player and as a man, as well as a host of his other teammates. Coach Turner is the third coach that Mosley has been under as a player, but according to Mosley, this one is the one that he’s been looking for.

“He [Turner] is the best coach I’ve had throughout my career. Yeah, he gets on me and yells a lot, but I know that’s because he expects more from me and wants me to be better and pushes me to be great,” Mosley said. “I wouldn’t want any other coach leading me into my senior year.”

Mosley split some carries with one of the most talented running backs in the state last season in Demarcus Ware. Last season, Mosley finished with 383 yards and nine scores on the ground and will look to move into a bigger role this upcoming season.

“He [Ware] was amazing and I learned a lot from him throughout the season,” Mosley said. “He rushed for over 1,000 yards and ended with 26 or more touchdowns. I was just blessed to be able to back him up and help my team when my coaches did give me the opportunity to play. Our great O-Line was a huge factor in that as well.”

Olive Branch has been a factory for producing top notch athletes, Mosley is one of them. He may be 5’8 and weigh 180, but he does move faster than he appears. He can also capable of playing other positions such as slot receiver, linebacker, and in the secondary. That kind of talent will be on display at the Fortius Project at Itawamba Community College on February 24th. Work does needs to be done is some aspects of his game according to Mosley.

“I want to improve more on my footwork and agility going into the Fortius Project,” Mosley said.

Mosley and his teammates are looking to get over the West Point hump and get back to the state championship game in 2018, something they haven’t done since 2011 when they won it all.

***Photo Courtesy of Mark's The Spot Photography

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