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Lawson Ready To Show Out At Fortius Project

When it comes to the big men up front, they aren’t usually the ones that people ask for autographs, pictures, or post game interviews. They usually don’t get a lot of glory from fans when their offense does something great, but without a great offensive line, there is no great offense. Corinth 2019 offensive lineman Tanner Lawson would tell you the same thing.

The big 6’2, 290 pound specimen is one bad dude on the gridiron, but what people may not know is that he is a gentle, kind hearted man off the field and in the classroom.

“I think big men get a bad rep for being these mean and aggressive people,” Lawson told SES Mississippi. “Outside of football, I’d like to say that I’m an easy going person who tries to be as nice as possible. That’s why first impressions are extremely important to me.”

Lawson was part of a Corinth Warrior squad who had many ups and downs throughout the season last year. His team was, however, a part of perhaps one of the biggest upsets on the 2017 postseason when they defeated the Pontotoc Warriors in a 27-24 thriller in the 4A playoffs. Corinth’s season came to an end at the hands of the eventual state champion Noxubee County to finish the season at 7-6. No matter what Lawson’s Warrior team went through this past season, his school and community always had their back and kept them uplifted no matter what.

“The community is so supportive of us, it’s unreal,” Lawson said. “We don’t go without anything really, and that’s because of the loving support of the people of Corinth. That jersey reminds me of all the hard work I’ve put in during the offseason, it tells me never to give up.”

Lawson has a special bond with his guys up front. It is a group that will enter 2018 with experience on their side with key components returning.

“These guys are something special. We each have our own connections and make sure we get the job done,” Lawson said. “Our center, Parker Campbell, was only a freshman last season. He has done something special that I can’t even describe. Each person knows their job, and we are never satisfied. We think we can always do a better job for our backs.”

As an individual player, Lawson has just gotten better and better all the way from his days at Biggersville. This season, he plans on taking his game to the next level on the offensive line mentally and physically as he prepares to take part in the Fortius Project at Itawamba Community College on February 24th.

“I feel like I improved a whole lot since my sophomore year. Going into this camp, I’m looking for a chance to improve my concentration and discipline in my role as an offensive lineman. Every lineman needs discipline,” Lawson said. “My footwork is the key factor going into all of this. In order to beat the man across the line to make sure my running back or quarterback to make the play, my technique must be top notch.”

Lawson and his team as a whole are looking to break through the ceiling that is 4A Region 1 and make a run in 4A in 2018.

***Photo Courtesy of TeeRage Photography

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