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Loggins Looking To Improve At Fortius Project

Over the years, the Grenada Chargers have produced some stout defensive players and have had stout defensive units as a whole. As the 2018 season is on the clock, sophomore defensive tackle T.J. Loggins is looking to make himself the best player he can possibly and move into a bigger role as a member of the Charger defense.

“This past season was a great experience for me. I didn’t have the best stats like I should have, but I played and had fun. The atmosphere playing on Friday night is the best. Being just a sophomore, I’ve learned how the game goes. One of my defensive coaches always tells me that this isn’t junior high anymore, this is the big boy league,” Loggins told SES Mississippi. “Next season is going to be best, I’m working hard to be a special player.”

Loggins is a player for a school that is highly supportive of it’s beloved football program. That is something that Loggins has been aware of for a while.

“Grenada football means a lot to our school and our community,” Loggins said. “They are always behind us, win or lose. We’ve had a handful of people make it out of Grenada and that’s why each of us are motivated to do the same thing that other Grenadians did.”

Loggins brings a unique and great physical specimen to the table. His 5’7, 315 pound frame is the type of body that gives many offensive lineman problems, having to deal with a player that has a low center of gravity and the leverage.

Last season, Loggins tallied eight tackles, including a sack that he recorded when he played against the two time defending 5A state champions, the West Point Green Wave. He learned a lot from last season, but he is looking to improve his game at the upcoming Fortius Project combine at Itawamba Community College to be a key factor on the defensive line when the 2018 season rolls around.

“My performance was kind of low, but I had good plays and bad, mostly bad,” Loggins said. “Some guys won’t admit when they have bad plays, but I need to improve on staying low and getting off blocks faster and have speed while pass rushing.”

When he suits up this fall, listening to “Gravity” by NBA Youngboy before the games, he will likely think about a goal that not only he wants, but predicts as well.

“The Grenada Chargers are going to make it to the state championship game,” Loggins said.

***Photo Courtesy of Sherry Huff Cahill

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