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Bogan Ready To Polish Up At Fortius Project

Great student-athletes do well not only on the playing field, but off of it as well, willing to make a difference in their community. Shannon 2020 defensive back Tyler Bogan is a guy who is active in his community, and could be a star in the making with the help of this offseason.

Rupert only recorded a single tackle last season, but is patiently awaiting his time to shine. That time could be this upcoming season if he can polish up the mental aspect of his game, that is a point of emphasis going into the upcoming Fortius Project combine at Itawamba Community College.

“Last year I was basically learning from the seniors, waiting for my time patiently. I think I need to get better on my IQ at the Fortius Project,” Bogan told SES Mississippi. “There is always room to learn and get better.”

Bogan is a part of a proud tradition in Lee County. The Shannon Red Raiders have reached the playoffs each of the last 23 seasons. Bogan is no stranger to the expectations given to the team by the community.

“Shannon football is a great program. I would love to be a part of a championship team,” Bogan said. “The school is very active in the program, like coming to the games and supporting. Then you have the community who wants to see the Shannon Red Raiders football team to be the best.”

One thing that many may not know about Bogan is that he is a dual sport athlete, playing basketball at football season’s end. That has also helped Bogan with his performance on the gridiron. Football has done the same for basketball.

“Football carried over to basketball with hustling and being aggressive with rebounds and not letting anyone take the ball. Basketball carried over to football with conditioning,” Bogan said.

This past offseason was a tough one to say the least for Bogan and his teammates. They lost their teammate Cam’Ron Billups tragically in a car accident. The devastating loss gives Bogan and the rest of his team motivation every time they take the field.

“He [Billups] meant a lot to us and it also made us realize that he doesn’t get to play the game anymore. So we need to be more dedicated because we never know what is going to happen,” Bogan said.

Bogan and his team will look to live up to the tradition at Shannon and make a run in class 4A in 2018.

***Photo Courtesy of Tyler Bogan

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