• John Macon Gillespie

Catching Up With Dontrell Green

Dontrell Green has been Kenny Gainwell’s main deep threat in the Yazoo County passing attack. Green leads the Panthers with 577 receiving yards on 28 catches and 6 touchdowns. Green has made some spectacular catches in traffic this year, as he takes advantage of his 6’3 frame to go up and get the ball. SES Mississipp caught up with the explosive senior wideout before Yazoo County’s big game against North Panola. SES: First question, how do you feel about your teams performance this season, as y’all are 13-0, and one game away from the State Championship? Green: I feel great about our performance this season, we set out goals this summer to get to the Championship. We came together as a team to make this happen and we are one step from accomplishing our goal and that’s getting to the State Championship and most importantly winning the State Championship but this game tomorrow is the most important game because it’s the next game. SES: How about your individual performance this season, as you are leading the team with 577 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns? Green: I’m pleased with my performance giving that we are a run heavy team, my motto is catch every pass I can and make the most of every play. SES: Now looking to Friday night, what are your thoughts on the matchup vs North Panola? Green: It’s going to be a dog fight , in my thoughts the game of the week! At the end of the day it’s two teams fighting for a spot in Oxford! What we have to do is stay focused and continue to play together and have each others back! SES: I agree, it should be a great one. Next, I think y’all have some of the best uniform combos in the state. My favorites are the all white and the white top with the light blue pants, so I was curious what your favorite combo is? Green: I like the all white also but I’d have to go with the navy tops with the white bottoms! SES: That’s a good one too! I like the all blue also that y’all wore against Water Valley. Okay last question, what’s your favorite song to listen to before game time to get ready to play? Green- NBA Youngboy ~ War With Us

**Photo by Bubba Hinkle

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