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Catching Up With Malik Hickman

Philadelphia has one of the most explosive rushing attacks in the state averaging 291 rushing yards per game, Malik Hickman is one of the key pieces of the Tornadoes rushing attack totaling up 534 yards on only 64 carries with 10 touchdowns. He also is a lockdown corner on the defensive side of the ball, he leads the Tornadoes with 3 interceptions.

SES caught up with Hickman before the big game against Calhoun City.

SES: How do you feel about your individual performance so far this season, and your teams performance up to this point?

Hickman: I feel like the teams performance up to this point is very impressive but not surprising. A lot of people expected us to come to 2A and be #1 and great and we did that and more. My performance myself, I think I’m a big help to the team on both sides off the ball, especially defense. If coach needs a guy to be lock downed on offense then I’m his man.

SES: Yeah I’ve seen from the film and stats that you play a lot of different positions, what’s your favorite position to play?

Hickman: I really don’t have a favorite, I have fun anywhere on the field.

SES: Haha I gotcha, what are your thoughts on your matchup this week against Calhoun City?

Hickman: I feel real confident about the matchup. If we come out and play hard I don’t think they’ll stand a chance. Our team has a bunch of talent and playmakers.

SES: Okay! So have you given any thought to possibly having a rematch with Scott Central for 2A North next week, a team that y’all beat 32-26 a couple of weeks ago?

Hickman: I’ve thought about it and I feel the same way. They’re better opponents for us than Calhoun City in my opinion, but if Philly shows up and plays hard we can’t be beat in 2A.

SES: Last question, what’s your go to song, to listen to before kickoff to get ready to play?

Hickman: Sail by AWOLNATION. Always gets me going!

**Photo by Steve Swogetinsky.

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