• John Macon Gillespie

Catching Up With KJ Jefferson

SES: Talk about your team and this special season y’all are in. What has allowed y’all to be as successful as y’all are this season?

Jefferson: "We trust each other and we just hold each other accountable on and off the field."

SES: Talk about your performance at this point of the season. What areas have you excelled at as the season went on and what areas do you need to improve on moving forward?

Jefferson: "I’m impressed with my performance, but still have to get better at the little things like coming off my reads faster and being smart wen the ball is in my hands."

SES: Y’all defeated two perennial playoff teams in Aberdeen and Charleston already. Talk about those two games and the mindset of your team as y’all prepare for a very talented Choctaw County team.

Jefferson: "We came in with a winning mindset and came out with the win without a doubt in our mind. This game, we take on a very talented team so our expectations are even higher this week."

SES: Talk about what North Panola football means to the community, to Sardis, and to Panola County as a whole. What makes it unique?

Jefferson: "Our fans and their support make us unique and how we make the fans from all over come watch us play."

SES: If you had to listen to any song before taking the field, what would it be and why?

Jefferson: "Ballin' by Chief Keef, because we're balling right now and we don't talk."

SES: What’s something that others would be surprised to know about you?

Jefferson: "I'm a cool guy to be around."

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