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Catching Up With Cameron Hines

Under first-year head coach Chris Jones, the Starkville Yellowjackets have emerged as major 6A contenders this season after missing the playoffs last fall.

That success have come in large part to the offense that Jones implemented with his new time. Perhaps no one has benefitted more from said offense than receiver Cameron Hines. The senior leads the team with 59 receptions for 709 yards and 10 touchdowns.

SES: You’ve emerged as the team’s leading receiver in the first season a new offense. What’s been the key to that?

Hines: My work ethic was a huge part, as well as my faith. Coach Jones has given me countless number of chances, and I have been taking advantage of it.

SES: Tell me about the role you faith plays in your success.

Hines: Faith is something I have always had. With faith you can do all things no matter the circumstance. Coach Jones has had faith in me, as well, to come out and do the things I do. And letting me play the brand of football I’ve been wanting to play.

SES: In your opinion, what’s it going to take to get going offensively against a stout Horn Lake defense?

Hines: Going to take a lot of communication, as well as doing our assignments. Alignment, assignment and technique are things we really stress on.

SES: What makes you guys at receiver so dynamic as a group?

Hines: We are all having fun but having fun the right way. We all got our touches and really embraced our roles as wide outs.

SES: Is ya’ll’s defense the best you’ve faced this year?

Hines: For sure. I honestly believe we have the number one defense in the state. They step up big time when needed.

SES: Three of the four playoff teams from region 2 advanced. Do you feel you guys are more prepared because you played in such a tough, competitive division?

Hines: It’s the playoffs, so everyone is well prepared for anything. We prepare every week trying to go 1-0. That is the goal from now on. Coming out of that division was tough, especially knowing one loss could have knocked us down to the three seed.

SES: What’s one song you would listen to if you could listen to one just before kickoff?

Hines: City On My Back by Kid Ink.

SES: What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

Hines: That I didn’t really start playing football until my 11th grade year.

**Photo courtesy of Logan Kirkland, Starkville Daily News

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