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Catching Up With Omar Pew

Horn Lake has compiled a 7-1 record this season thanks to a high-flying offense and a stingy defense. Junior defensive tackle Omar Pew has helped Eagles hold opponents to less than 13 points per game. He leads the team with 11 sacks and is second on the team with 15 tackles for loss.

With undefeated Tupelo coming to town tonight, Pew will need to get into the backfield to help slow the Wave attack.

SES: You’ve already tallied 11 sacks this season. How have you been so dominant? What are your strengths?

Pew: My explosion and quickness. Just staying focused on my 1/11. Taking in coaching whenever, believing the plan and going with it.

My 1/11 is destroying whoever lines up in front of me and playing my gap and attack, attack, attack. Eyes on on key.

SES: There has been a lot of talking about the offense this season. But the defense has been stout all season, too. What makes y’all so strong on that side?

Pew: Our hustle and drive to stop the offense such as all 11 running to the ball, communication and team work. And our defense is fast and aggressive.

SES: This game could put you guys in place to win the division. What would it mean to do that?

Pew: Our focus is just to be 1-0, but it will be great to have that under our belt.

SES: What challenges do you see from Tupelo?

Pew: We just need to stop the run and lock up on pass tighter.

SES: You practice against your offense. What makes that unit so proficient?

Pew: Fast pace and consistency.

SES: What’s been the biggest moment of the season in your eyes?

Pew: How we handled adversity from the loss to Oxford.

SES: What did that game team y’all?

Pew: To stay locked in all week.

SES: Who are some of the defensive linemen you like to watch play?

Pew: James Harrison, Cameron Wake, Ndamukong Suh, Jadaveon Clowney and Vince Wilfork.

SES: Horn Lake has been on the rise in recent seasons. What’s been different?

Pew: All I can say is A.T.L.

Above the line means everything we do, we do it with a purpose. Like the line is mediocre, but we want to be above it.

SES: What’s one song you would listen to if you could listen to one just before kickoff?

Pew: Block Boy JB No Topic, because it turns me up.

SES: What’s something most people would be surprised to learn about you?

Pew: Just my life in general. At my school, everybody knows me as a funny, smart, cool guy to be around.

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