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Catching Up With Patrick Pratt

Practice makes perfect.

That is what Vardaman junior tailback and cornerback Patrick Pratt believes. Pratt has been a workhorse of the Ram offense for three seasons and has intercepted 18 passes in his career on defense. As Pratt goes, so do the Vardaman Rams. SES recently had the opportunity to catch up with Pratt and get his thoughts on his season and the Rams’ upcoming game at Sebastopol.

SES: So what has made your success possible this year?

Pratt: Going to practice and working hard trying to get better every day, and the O-line has been doing a good job.

SES: 18 career interceptions is a lot. How're you so good at tracking the ball down on defense?

Pratt: I just do my coaches taught me and read the quarterback’s eyes.

SES: Okay so you guys lost to Nanih Waiya last week who is a pretty good team. You gave the Warriors the closest game they've had all season and held them to 34 points. Even though you lost, does playing that well give you any motivation going forward?

Pratt: Yes, it gives us a lot of motivation. We played the two best running backs in Mississippi, and we held them to 34 points. That tells us that if we continue to play hard and as a team, we can play with anybody in 1A.

SES: Awesome. So, you've been with this team for three years now. The first little while you were with varsity, you guys weren't that good. How have you been able to turn it around the last few years?

Pratt: Put in work in the weight room, focus when the coaches are showing us techniques and going to practice every day and going full speed like it's a game.

SES: So talk about these next three games [at Sebastopol and hosting Noxapater and Hamilton]. You guys have a chance to make the postseason again, but you have to face some decent teams to get there. Talk to me about how practice has been this week and what you expect out of these next three games.

Pratt: Practice has been good. Everybody's working hard, and I expect, like I do every week, [that] we’re going to win. That's just how I think, no matter the team we play.

SES: Talk to me about your quarterback Trae Owen. He graduates after this year. What's your relationship like with him, and how important has he been to this offense and the revival of this program?

Pratt: He's tough. He's been through the good and the bad. He's very athletic and smart and a very good leader. Me and Trae have a good relationship on and off the field. [I have] been playing football with him since the fourth grade. He is very important to the team. He's the leader, and whoever becomes quarterback after he leaves has a very big role to fill.

SES: Alright so a bit of a shift to a personal note. What's something that people would be surprised to learn about you?

Pratt: That I love going hunting and fishing.

SES: Cool. So last one: if you could listen to one song right now, what would it be?

Pratt: Moneybagg Yo’s “Blog” because it's my favorite song.

Pratt and his Rams travel to Sebastopol tonight as they continue Region 3-1A play. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.

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