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Catching Up With Bo Robertson

In 2015 TCPS set a school record with eight wins. Last season the Eagles won seven, and they’re playing for win number seven tonight versus Smithville. Senior linebacker Bo Robertson has been there for all 21 of those victories. His leadership means a lot to his team, as does his production.

Robertson has missed time three games this season. He injured his shoulder on the opening kickoff of the fourth game of the season against Thrasher. He’s back and healthy just in time to help his team fight to play a home game in the playoffs.

SES: Did you guys talk about surprising people when y’all made your return to the MHSAA?

Robertson: Well, the whole team wanted to surprise people in the state. We still have many things to prove, but I like the way we are progressing as a team. We all felt that we have been overlooked the last few years. So we wanted to prove doubters wrong.

SES: To you, what’s been the biggest surprise about the team?

Robertson: I think the most surprising thing is the younger guys stepping up and playing big roles. We play as a team. It’s not all about one player. We are brothers and it shows on and off the field.

SES: What makes you guys close?

Robertson: We usually hang out at a player’s house Thursday before the game. A lot of us eat somewhere after the game. We try to find something to do together. It’s been great.

SES: You’ve been part of some big wins at TCPS. Just how big is this game tonight?

Robertson: It is a big game. I feel like we are ready to play. We are excited for the chance to do something special. Smithville is a very good team, so we know it will be a hard fought game. But we are ready for the challenge.

SES: Where have you grown most over the past few years?

Robertson: I feel like my leadership has grown. I think that the weight room has really helped me thanks to coach Boren. I think that I’m a sure tackler, and I like to take pride in that. But overall helping people line up to the offense in the games.

SES: You guys have one of the best staff of coaches around. What’s your relationship with the coaching staff like?

Robertson: I love all the coaches. They are great coaches. They teach us all so much and keep up prepared. I’m close to all the coaches. They are like my family.

SES: I know you don’t want to look beyond tonight just yet, but have you thought about your first chance to play in the playoffs any?

Robertson: I try to focus on one game at a time, but I have thought about it. It’s really exciting. The playoff atmosphere seems like something totally different and something I look forward to.

SES: What’s one song you would listen to if you could listen to a song just before kickoff? Why?

Robertson: I listen to “Butterfly Effect” before kickoffs, because of the beat. Something about the song gets me pumped up to play.

SES: What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Robertson: Probably that I love old country music. Like the old classics.

**Photo courtesy of Jenny Jolly

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