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Catching Up With Nakobe Dean

SES: Talk about your team's 6-0 start so far this season. What has contributed the most to it?

Dean: "The thing that had contributed most to our season so far is guys buying in to our culture of being above the line, doing everything with a purpose."

SES: Talk about that team motto: "Above The Line." Elaborate on what that means and who came up with it.

Dean: It means doing everything with a purpose and how we respond to things. For example, there are a lot of things happen that we can't control but what we can control is our reaction or response to that situation One of our coaches made it up."

SES: Talk about your performance personally so far this season. In what areas have you excelled and in what areas do you need to improve?

Dean: "Well I always feel as if I have room for improvement in all areas of game, but I had to choose something specifically I would probably say my patience."

SES: Talk about just your defensive unit as a whole. What has been the key to their success this season?

Dean: "Besides playing physical, running to the ball and playing with great effort. I feel as if our trust for each other have been a big part of our success as a defense."

SES: If you could listen to any song right before you take the field to play, what would it be and why?

Dean: "I have no idea. I have so many choices, but I probably go with something old like 'Mind of a Maniac' by Boosie."

SES: What is something people may be surprised to know about you?

Dean: "Maybe that I love math."

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