• John Macon Gillespie

Catching Up With Jaylon Reed

Prior to his big showdown with the Marcus Murphy and West Point, I caught up with the Mississippi State commit to discuss the Conquistadors 7-0 start and his thoughts on how he and the team have been rolling so far.

SES: First, what has been the difference in this years Olive Branch team that has started 7-0 and last years team that was 0-11?

Reed: Why is that every reporters first question haha? There’s no difference besides our head coach, same athletes from last year. Just a big chip on our shoulder since we let our community down & ourselves last year.

SES: How do you feel about how you've performed so far this season? And what are your goals for the rest of the season for yourself and as a team?

Reed: I believe my team has grinded all summer and now our expectations are manifesting. Individually, I have made plays to get my offense the ball. That’s the end goal, get the offense back the ball. Our secondary has 9 interceptions so far and we are looking to increase that as district play continues. Our only goal is play week by week. Each week is the biggest game on the schedule, not just West Point week.

SES: Speaking of West Point, what makes their offense so tough to stop? And what's the key for you guys on defense to slow down Marcus and the West Point offense?

Reed: Their offense has multiple formations which makes alignment & eye discipline huge. We are playing football like we have every week. Every hat flying to the ball, regardless of who carries it.

SES: What's something interesting about yourself that a lot of people don't know?

Reed: I’m really shy & being vocal and doing interviews really isn’t my comfort zone

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