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Catching Up With Brett Riley

South Pontotoc senior tight end Brett Riley is leading the charge for Cougar pass catchers this season with 21 catchers for 521 yards and three scores.

He uses his 6’6 frame to create mismatches against defenders, and so far this season he’s averaging 25 yards per catch.

SES: You guys exploded out of the gate with a 7-0 start. What did it mean to be part of making school history?

Riley: It means a lot to do something that only one other team in school history has done.

SES: What about the quality of some of those wins? You guys have made a statement beating some good teams.

Riley: Yeah, coming into the year we knew we had some pretty good chances of getting some good wins this season. So far we have done what we thought we could besides last Friday, we let one slip away.

SES: What’s the mood of the team following last Friday?

Riley: There was a lot of anger in the locker room because we knew we were the better team, but we didn’t show it that night. But once we got back to the school, coach Bradley told us that we couldn’t hang our heads because this week could be the biggest game of the season. So we have to get focused and just let that game go.

SES: So what do you see in this Houston team? What challenges do they present?

Riley: They’re a great team. I think this will be a good challenge for us to prove that we are for real. After the loss last week there’s a lot of people saying we’ve just been lucky and stuff, but I think once we get the win Friday all that talk will die down. Also, in the past, after we lose one game we start losing and get unfocused. But I know that’s not the case this year.

SES: In your opinion, what has changed then?

Riley: In my opinion, we have way more heart and confidence. We know we aren’t the fastest or biggest team, but we still go out there and get the job done.

SES: You’ve been getting the job done this season yourself. What went into your personal breakout?

Riley: It took a lot of hard work during the summer. Coach is hard on us all summer and it pays off during the season. But I think the key to me having so much success this year is because most teams focus and key on Eddie. When they do that, I just do my part and make plays.

SES: You’ve had a few big games as far as receiving TDs this season, including five against North Pontotoc. What was the feeling like following that performance?

Riley: It was a great feeling. It made it even better since it was against our biggest rival.

SES: What’s one song you would listen to if you could listen to a song just before kickoff? And why?

Riley: Set it off by Lil Boosie. It’s a song that gets you hype and that’s what some of us listen to when we are getting dressed in the locker room.

SES: What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

Riley: No doubt people would be surprised about how much I eat. Whatever there is to eat, it’s going to get ate.

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