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Catching Up With Natrone Brooks

SES: What’s the excitement like with a big time division foe coming in this Friday?

Brooks: We are very excited about this game. We know it’s going to be a challenge, but we will be well prepared for the game. And I have no doubt we’re going to win.

SES: What makes you confident?

Brooks: I just know if the defense comes out and does our job. And the offense puts up some points, we’re going to win.

SES: Was scoring 42 and getting the shut out last week in the division-opener vs. Provine something you guys can build on?

Brooks: Well, we played good, but we still came out a little slow. Then we picked up the pace the second drive. But yes, I think it was a good way to start division play. We just have to get better week-by-week and take it one game at a time.

SES: What are the strengths of the defense?

Brooks: We play fast, aggressive and we do our assignment.

SES: What’s the most important thing coach Jones and the new staff have brought in?

Brooks: They brought in a lot more energy. Every day we have at least two coaches or more who are active in drills with us, or running sprints with us. That makes your work hard, trying to compete with your coach.

SES: How has the way last season ended impacted this year’s team?

Brooks: It made us come in this season with a different attitude, because we weren’t going to let the same thing happen this season. Everybody is more locked in and focused this year.

SES: If you could listen to one song right before kickoff, what would it be and why?

Brooks: The one song has to be No Smoke by NBA YoungBoy. It just gets my blood flowing.

SES: What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

Brooks: People would be surprised to know I’m more of an offensive threat than on defense. I’ll be ready for the moment coach calls my name.

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