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Catching Up With Noah Ford

SES: Big game for you guys stepping up to play a New Albany, a nearby 4A school. What’s the mindset going in?

Ford: It means a lot being the underdog. It’s the first ever meeting between us. It’s a county rivalry. We have a trophy, it’s a huge deal. It should be game of the week. It’s going to be a good game. We want the cup.

SES: This thing is really looking like a rivalry on social media leading up to the game. Does that fire you guys up?

Ford: Yes, it’s great. This thing’s getting heated.

SES: Coach Walton is an intense guy, does that influence the play on the field?

Ford: He has that intensity, that drive to get us all fired up to do our best. And it’s not just him, it’s all our coaches.

SES: You guys have the talent at the skill spots to beat a larger school, talk about that group..

Ford: It’s just that we have superior athletes or things like that. We just want it more. We play a different brand of football than the bigger schools. I think it’s because of our superior coaches.

SES: After a 3-2 start, what are your thoughts about how the rest of the regular season might turn out?

Ford: We are just getting better and better. We think we have a chance to win the division.

SES: If you could listen to any song right before you took the field to play, what would it be and why?

Ford: Woke Up by YFN Lucci, because we have to walk out there and be the boss, be the best we can be and show New Albany who’s king.

SES: Tell us something others may be surprised to learn about you.

Ford: I want to be the first to play college football from my school. And I enjoy being in the Union County play. I’m so big, people are surprised when I tell them I do it.

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