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Catching Up With Taylor Hughes

SES: Talk about the first four weeks of the season and you playing a sport where a female playing is extremely rare.

Hughes: "It's been good. I only got to play in our first game against Houston and our fourth game this past week. I found out I had a partially torn hip flexor. So I had to sit out of all my sports for two weeks. The games that I did play in were great. Our first home game was last week and there is just something about being in the hollow and the fans and just the excitement around our team. From the beginning I expected other teams to target me simply because I am a girl coming in on their turf. I feel like I'm meant to be here. I've been given this opportunity and I'm making a difference. Whether it's to show little girls that you can do whatever you want to do no matter your gender or if it's just to put points on the board. Who cares if i'm a girl?"

SES: Talk about what was going through your head getting your first point on a PAT against Houston.

Hughes: "On the first PAT attempt we had a bad snap so that made me a little nervous. I knew I could do it and I didn't need to mess this up. When I got the next chance I was ready. when I kicked the ball, I knew i had it. It was right down the middle. My ball holder, Caleb Hobson, congratulated me and we bumped elbows. It's kinda become our thing."

SES: What do you think you personally need to improve on going forward as far as fundamentals go?

Hughes: "Keeping my leg and body healthy and knowing when I need to rest. I need to keep practicing to get my consistency even better."

SES: Talk about your team thus far. What do you think has been the key to a 4-0 start?

Hughes: "I think that the key to the 4-0 start is how much work we all put in. So many of our key players graduated and a couple have been hurt. So everyone has had their doubts about how good we would be this year. That just gave us the determination to prove them wrong. We've had so many young players step up and fill those needed positions. I have only been a part of this team a short while and already I can see that you can't underestimate us."

SES: If you could listen to any song right before you went out and played, what would it be and why?

Hughes: "Bodak Yellow gets me pumped up so much...the clean version that is."

SES: What is something people may be surprised to learn about you.

Hughes: I can sing. Really, only my friends and Instagram followers know that. I post videos there. One thing not many people know is I was offered a modeling contract when I was 13, but they wanted me to quit sports, especially soccer because it built too much muscle. I loved soccer too much. I'm really proud to be the strong athletic girl I am, big muscles and all. Wouldn't change anything! Every decision I've made thus far has gotten me where I am now!

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