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Coverage Breakdown: French Camp @ Vardaman


French Camp Academy Panthers

Holman Edwards | QB

The Panthers’ 6’1 quarterback is a package deal. Edwards is a good pocket passer, but he can also throw on the run when necessary. Of course, it helps that he is surrounded by playmakers, but Edwards is a fundamental part of this French Camp offense. Look for him to try to torch this talented Vardaman secondary tonight.

Tacarie Stewart | RB

Tacarie Stewart may only be a sophomore, but the young athlete is already making a name for himself. Stewart leads his team in rushing yards and is a threat to score from anywhere on the field. Having Stewart join Edwards in the backfield makes defenses respect both the passing and running game of the Panthers. French Camp seeks to keep defenses on their toes, and they can do it with success.

Kendall Coleman Jr. | WR

Kendall Coleman Jr. is a utility man for the Panthers. Coleman will handle some returning duties on special teams as well as catch passes from Holman Edwards. The Panthers like to set Coleman up for screens to get his speed into the open field, and they will undoubtedly do so tonight in their region opener.

Vardaman Rams

Trae Owen | QB

The Rams’ senior quarterback has been through the ups and downs with his program over the last three seasons and has matured as a player in the process. Owen is a talented passer and has learned to tuck the ball and run when necessary. Vardaman will need a strong game from Owen if they hope to knock off a strong French Camp team this week.

Patrick Pratt | RB/CB

Patrick Pratt continues to impress this season and throughout his career. Pratt has intercepted 17 passes in his career and has picked off at least one pass in every game this season. The Rams also utilize his speed out of the tailback position and will feed him the ball early and often tonight.

Wesley Casey | TE/DE

Vardaman’s passing game took a hit when Wesley Casey went down with a torn meniscus in fall camp. After a quick surgery, however, Casey is expected to make his 2017 debut tonight for Vardaman. It is uncertain where or how often the 6’4 athlete will play, but his presence will surely be felt whenever he is on the field.


Real Test—Both of these 1A schools will be playing their first region matchup of the season tonight, and the stakes are very high. Both Vardaman and French Camp could compete for a playoff spot in 2017, so the repercussions of tonight’s game could be felt when the seeding is established in November. Region 3-1A is a very tough division, so every game counts.

Speed—Vardaman and French Camp both have very fast athletes on the field tonight. French Camp boasts players like Tacarie Stewart and Kendall Coleman Jr. while Vardaman suits up Patrick Pratt and Kody Townsend. Both teams have the potential to score from anywhere on the field, and whichever team is faster could edge out the extra score necessary to come out on top.

Quarterback Play—French Camp fields a junior, and Vardaman fields a senior. Both signal-callers tonight are experienced, talented and will play a major part in their team’s success as the season rolls on. Which field general can step up and get the job done as division play gets started?


Pressure—It’s the region opener. Division play starts tonight for these 1A schools. For Vardaman, it’s an entirely new region that they are not used to. For French Camp, there are some new faces in the region that will challenge them for a playoff berth. Which team overcomes the jitters and uncertainty to win tonight?

**Photo courtesy of Sherry Williams

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