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Catching Up With John Meagher

SES: Talk about your performance through two games. You sparked a comeback against Starkville and really showed your dual threat capabilities through two games. Did you think that this two QB system could happen at the beginning of the year?

Meagher: "I've tried to put our team in a position to win when I play. I've always had confidence in coach cut and the rest of the staff to put us in the best position to win no matter who's playing."

SES: Talk about last week's game. We saw you and John Reece lead the offense really well against a talented Grenada front seven. What was it about last week that allowed y'all to be successful?

Meagher: "I think the offense was really just able to keep the ball constantly moving on Grenada. Our defense was able to stop them all night. We come together as a team week in and week out and play the best we can."

SES: Talk a little about your family, is it safe to say that they modeled you into the athlete you are today based on their successes in the sport?

Meagher: "Without a doubt they are the reason I am where I am today. Dad was an incredible athlete when he was in high school and still is today. Mom is a fitness guru. I was definitely raised in a family that values physical activity. Conrey was in my opinion the best safety to ever come through oxford. My best memories with them are when we are all at the field together. Dad and conrey are my role models and I strive to be like them everyday."

SES: Talk about this Crosstown Classic rivalry game and what it means to you and the town.

Meagher: "The crosstown classic is always the biggest game of the year for us. The atmosphere of the game is multiplied even more when you know the players you're matching up against. We all want to represent our school well."

**Photo by Oxford High Sports Productions.

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