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Catching Up With Coach Cutcliffe

SES: Talk a little about last week's game against Starkville. What did you see in your guys the way y'all fought to get back in the game?

Cutcliffe: "I was very proud of the attitude and fight in our football team. We fell behind in the first half, but we put on more steam and kept fighting in the second half to come back and force overtime."

SES: Heading into Friday's game, what can you take away from that loss and improve on against Grenada?

Cutcliffe: "We certainly made mistakes last week, but we've had a solid week of practice improving on those things. We had a few alignment issues on defense and few missed assignments on offense that we have been working to correct."

SES: What can you take away from the first two games of the season? What stands out the most about your team thus far in the year?

Cutcliffe: "I've seen our team really bond together as a family. We've got some solid leadership and everybody pulling in the same direction."

SES: What will it take for Oxford to make it to the postseason and have success along the way? What is the main thing going forward?

Cutcliffe: "Our focus is getting better each and every week. We want to be better this Monday than we were last Monday, better this Tuesday than we were last Tuesday, and so on. If we can continue on that path we'll be in good shape."

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