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Watts Has Big Plans For Panthers In 2017

Petal wide receiver Natorian Watts has been slipping by secondaries for a few seasons now and has big plans for his final year. The 6-4, 190-pound speedster hauled in 35 passes last season in a run heavy Panther offense and found the endzone eight times.

SES was able to catch up with the big time playmaker recently to see how the spring went and what he was expecting out of his final ride with the Panthers.

SES: How did spring practices go? What has improved? What are you working on?

Watts: “It went great my routes, explosiveness off the ball, and my speed have gotten better. I need more work on some of the routes I run but I will fix them before the season begins.”

SES: How was the quarterback play of Jordan Wilson looking this spring?

Watts: “Yes sir, it's great! He's looking even better than he did last year.”

SES: What are you hoping to accomplish this season?

Watts: “To be a leader and go win a state championship this year. I look to get at least get 1,200 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns.”

SES: What is it like to play for the Petal Panthers?

Watts: “It's great the atmosphere is amazing the whole town of Petal is about Petal Panther football and they support us and cheer us on.”

SES: Your twin brother was once a quarterback that made the move to wide receiver last season. How is it having him out there with you?

Watts: “It's great! “It's like we have a connection when we're on the field together. “We play better knowing we have each other on the field.”

**Photo by Mark Magee.

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