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Lovertich Wants 2017 Patriots To Be Best Ever

Jackson Prep quarterback Chance Lovertich threw 169 passes in 2016. Through 14 games Lovertich scanned the defenses and pulled back and let it go 169 times. Of those 169 passes attempts, 110 were completed and 25 went for scores. Very solid stats but the most impressive stat is the lowest number…Zero.

Lovertich threw zero interceptions in 2016. That is flawless football.

Now that he has completed two seasons as QB1 for the Jackson Prep Patriots, Lovertich has a combined record of 26-1 with two state titles. He has completed 65 percent of his passes for 3,159 yards with 40 touchdowns and only three interceptions over 268 pass attempts.

Lovertich is heading into his final summer and season as Prep’s QB. He is a multisport athlete so his spring was pretty busy but it did not stop him from putting in work that would improve his quarterbacking.

“The spring has gone really good,” Lovertich told SES Mississippi. “I play baseball so that makes it a little tough at some points but I have still been working and working to improve my game. I can improve a lot in my game like just taking what they give me instead of trying to make the big play all the time. My footwork has gotten a lot better from last season and is much improved. Should be an exciting year.”

Prep will again enter the season with a target on their back. They have been sitting on top of the MAIS football world since most of the current players were in elementary school.

“It seems it has been this way for a while,” Lovertich explained. “We feel this way every year. We just have to stick to what we're doing and we'll be okay.”

Even with all of the success and the fast paced life of a high school athlete, Lovertich recognizes how special it is to play for Jackson Prep and line up in a position that has had all-time greats come before him.

“It means everything,” Lovertich said. “The previous two before me were as good as they get. Both of them went on to play division two sports so I honestly came in just trying to do half as good as they were.”

When asked about goals for his final season, Lovertich says he wants to go out on top.

“Win a championship one last time with my brothers,” Lovertich expressed. “Be not one of the best, but THE BEST Prep team in history.”

**Photo by Melinda Courtney.

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