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Adams Familiar With SMCC, Will Compete In The Fortius Project Saturday

Nearby Southwest Mississippi community college is a familiar place for Dylan Adams, who is a rising senior right down the road at North Pike high school. Additionally, his older brother, Juwan, recently transferred in to play quarterback for the Bears.

Tomorrow the younger Adams will make his way to campus to compete in the Fortius Project alongside some of the best high school football players in the area.

“I’m very excited about going,” Adams told SES Mississippi. “I love competing. This camp will let me do that. Also, it will help with getting my name out there and showcasing my abilities.”

Though Dylan will be competing, and Juwan obviously won’t be, it will mark the first time that the brothers have roamed the same field since their sophomore and senior seasons, respectively, at North Pike.

“My whole sophomore year is the best memory I have in the sport. I loved playing with Juwan,” Adams said. “We were always on the same page. Playing together with him was just something nobody can replace. We always knew what we had to do to get the job done.”

“He’s told me everything he’s been through as both a recruit and a college athlete. So I kind of have an idea what college life will be like and what a college athlete goes through for both school and sports.”

On Saturday Dylan will continue his pursuit to make his brother’s advice useful. College football could be his future, as he has already shown to be a promising receiver.

Last season Adams hauled in 45 catches for 1,025 yards and seven touchdowns, despite turnover and youth at the quarterback position for North Pike.

“My ability to get open and always find a way to get the ball,” Adams replied when asked what qualities help him stand out. “I try to adjust my routes depending on how a DB is guarding me. My speed and quickness are just naturally there.”

“Last season was rough at the start. Our 6’1 freshman quarterback took over and that’s when everything picked up.”

A better start this fall should mean an improvement in the 5-7 record the Jags posted in 2016. So this offseason is doing his part and putting in the work to get stronger and faster. Adams simply wants to be the best he can be. In doing so, he hopes to help the North Pike passing game improve on their 132 yards per game from a season ago.

“We’re going into 5A as an underdog. Nobody expects us to do well, but I think our chances are pretty good,” He explained. “The amount of heart we place with can make us successful. We aren’t the biggest team, and going into 5A people would say that can cause problems, but we play with so much heart. We’re determined to win.”

Adams hopes competing against a talented group of defensive backs can help him sharpen his skills. In turn, spectators and others alike will get to see the skills that helped him average 23 yards per catch last fall.

“I have high expectations for myself because I know what I can do. And I’m determined to get the job done.”

The confidence Adams possess comes from the support of his family.

“My family wants me to succeed in life, whether it’s in football or not,” He said. “My dad works two jobs providing for us. He always makes sure everything’s good with me. He gives when he barely has it. That’s what drives me to try and make it.”

North Pike’s passion and enthusiasm for football in the community is also a contributing factor, Adams explained.

“Our hometown atmosphere is what makes us special. Our fans are loud every game,” He said. “During football season all we talk about is football. North Pike has a big support system.”

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