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Wildmon Represents East Union On Fortius Project All-Combine Team

Dustin Wildmon, a defensive back from East Union, didn’t say much during registration for the Fortius Project Sunday afternoon. He showed up with two of his teammates, Noah Ford and Colton Wooten.

Once the defensive backs lined up in front of receivers, both in 1-on-1s and 7-on-7, Wildmon’s play did all the talking that needed be said.

Throughout the competitive portion of the camp Wildmon received praise for his ability to go up against receivers that were quick, fast, tall and athletic, and some that were all of the above. Time after time he separated the ball from the receiver.

“This coming up Fall I want to be prepared for the best receiver an opposing offense can throw at me,” Wildmon told SES Mississippi. “It was my first camp and I didn’t know what to expect. I felt my 40 time could have been better, but I feel I did a really good job at locking down my opponent. It was a fun event. I learned a lot, and I was honored to receiver an award.”

“I am really competitive. I don’t like to be beat. And I came to the camp to get better. So I called out the best receivers and got as many reps as possible. The coaches gave me tips and I used what they showed me. It helped my game and helped me be the best corner I could be at the camp.”

East Union started spring practice last week and kicked off full pad workouts on Monday. Wildmon is keeping busy getting better this time of year, so that he can make the impact he needs to in the Fall.

“I’ve been trying to gain weight and build my strength. But I’ve also spent a lot of time catching balls and doing one-on-one drills with teammates,” He explained.

In addition to being counted on to be a shut down corner, Wildmon will also have a role on offense as a receiver. Last season he rushed for over 400 yards and four scores. His talents allow him to make all kinds of impact plays for the Urchins.

“Let’s just say, if the ball goes up, I’m coming down with it,” Wildmon said.

As he showed over the weekend, Wildmon will push himself to reach whatever level is required. That is something that is a fixture in the East Union program.

“We take pride in what we do,” Wildmon explained. “We push for excellence. We want to be the best at what we do. Our coaches do a good job at keeping up mentally prepared for whatever challenge we may face on and off the field.”

So this Spring the rising junior set out to provide leadership and ensure the younger plays continue the Urchin way of doing things.

“I want to make my teammates better,” He said. “The ones younger than me that will mean something for the future of the program. I want to be a leader out ther and encourage our guys to push themselves and give all they’ve got to give.”

Expect Wildmon to raise his game in a big way this Fall. However, he won’t be the only returning Urchin who makes strides forward. If that does end up being the case, look for EU to compete for it all in 2A.

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