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Johnson Honored To Be A Fighting Irish

If you've never seen Brice Johnson play football, you're missing a treat.

The 6'1, 175 pound quarterback was a cornerstone for a talented Greenville St. Joe team that went 10-3 last season, a year that finished with an appearance in the North State finals. Johnson, who will be a senior in 2017, sees that last season was a major building block for his Fighting Irish, a team that has made the playoffs five of the last six years.

“Last season went well,” Johnson told SES Mississippi. “My team and I accomplished major goals for our school.”

En route to a productive season, Johnson passed for 2,304 yards with 24 touchdowns and just 9 interceptions. Even with such an impressive stat line, Johnson sees where his skills can be improved. For him, improvement will begin with the Fortius Project.

“Mainly I am hoping to improve on my throwing technique and also gain new techniques from different coaches.”

Johnson is hoping 2017 will be an even better season than last for him and has already set lofty goals for the fall.

“[I want] to win state, beat IA (Indianola Academy) and get over 3,000 passing yards,” Johnson said.

Indianola Academy gave the Fighting Irish one of their three losses a season ago by a final score of 30-18. The 2017 game against the Colonels will be one of the most important games of the season for Johnson.

“We haven't beaten them since we have been a part of the MAIS,” Johnson said. “They've been a huge rival since then.”

Johnson takes pride in his school and team and sees the role he plays as carrying weight both on and off the field.

“To be a Fighting Irish is to hold much honor, not only on the playing fields, but off the playing fields too,” Johnson said. “Little kids at my school look up to me, so this carries me to make the right choices in life.”

Johnson's scrambling around in the backfield or carry the ball himself is done so in similar fashion to Ole Miss' Shea Patterson. Johnson appears to have the same knack for extending plays and the right resourcefulness to take off downfield when protection breaks down or his receivers aren't open. He totaled 869 yards rushing and 16 scores this past season.

Look for big things from Brice Johnson not just at the Fortius Project, but throughout the course of 2017.

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