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Williams Focused and Confident As Fortius Project At NEMCC Approaches

Focus and confidence are two things that Tony Williams has plenty of. Those two qualities define him as a football player and a person away from the gridiron.

Williams, a rising senior receiver at Rosa Fort, says that his belief in himself is something that is in him. But he’s pretty sure where it comes from.

“My confidence level is so high,” Williams told SES Mississippi. “It comes from my mom and it’s just in me.”

“She’s always pushing me to work hard and that’s what I’m going to continue to do.”

When the opportunity to compete against some of the most talented players in Mississippi arose, there was no way Williams could turn it down. The feisty pass catcher will compete at the Fortius Project on April 22nd at Northeast Mississippi community college.

It will be a reemergence of sorts, as Williams will be making his return after being injured in game three of the 2016 season.

“I’m healthy and ready to get back on the field,” He said. “I’m faster and stronger. My route running has reached the point where nobody wants to see me this year.”

“My mindset is to work hard and take no plays off. I’m a humble kid with big dreams. I want to make it out and play the game I love on the collegiate level.”

Last year proved to be challenging and difficult for Williams and his Rosa Fort teammates. The Lions finished the season 3-9, with very few bright spots.

“Last season was a learning experience,” Williams explained.

With that in the rearview, Williams has left it there and moved on. This offseason is crucial if he and his team want to rebound.

“This offseason has been great,” He noted. “My coaches have been pushing me to stay in the weight room and on the field.”

“I’ve been working on my craft. That includes getting faster, working on my route running and working on catching the ball. I turn into another player on the field with the speed I have.”

Looking ahead to this coming fall, Williams can’t wait to get going. He is especially ready for lights to come on and strap his chin strap up and face Clarksdale.

“Everybody has to do their part this year,” Williams stated. “This season is going to be a great season with my brothers.”

“I’m ready to be explosive with the ball. Football is my passion and I give it all to the game I love.”

All the confidence, hard work, focus and passion inside of Williams makes him a perfect fit to play for Rosa Fort. It means something to Williams to represent the program.

“Being a Lion is very important to me. Like coach said, not everybody can wear the green and gold,” Williams said. “It proves you have that dog in you on the field.”

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