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Heard To Play QB For Saltillo In 2017, Shines As DB At Fortius

After attending the Fortius Project earlier this year at ICC, Saltillo’s Tytus Heard is eager to compete again this month. The talented playmaker is set to compete at the Fortius stop at Northeast Mississippi community college on April 22nd.

Having already attended a Fortius camp is an advantage, Heard says.

“I already know what will be done and I am going to prepare better for it,” Heard told SES Mississippi. “The other competitors were really good and they helped show me where I need to be.”

Looking back, Heard feels that performed below his capability in the 1-on-1s. However, the position drills is where he began to show his skills.

“I think the camp was fun. I learned some new stuff and learned what I needed to work on. I met some new people and it went straight for me,” Heard explained.

“I did really good on the DB part and I felt like I stood out there. I can read the defense and sometimes I know what the receiver will run. I practice on that and try my best.”

Heard is a camper to watch when he shows at up NEMCC. He narrowly missed making the all-combine team at ICC, and should figure into that equation again in his second Fortius.

Meanwhile, the camp will serve as another platform for Heard to continue his offseason improvements. Speed and footwork are two areas that are in his sights this offseason. Expect him to make improvements in all facets of his game due to his relentless drive to work and get better.

This offseason will be intensified for him, however, as he will be making the move to quarterback for the Tigers in 2017. Saltillo has boasted playmakers Clayton Knight and Kane Wilbanks in the two previous seasons. While Heard will be adjusting to a completely new spot, he could end us the best at the position for the Tigers in some time.

“I’m going to try my best,” He said. “I’m working on how to not get mad at myaself for mistakes. I’m doing drills with my coaches and teammates to work at the position. Hopefully I will be ready next season.”

Putting Heard at the quarterback spot is sure to be a solid move. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t pose risks, however. Heard has been counted on heavily, throughout his career, as a receiver and defensive back.

“I can see the field, I can run, I can throw and I can throw on the fun,” Heard replied when asked what made him the best option for his team.

Also on Heard’s mind is leading the Saltillo program out of their slump in recent year’s.

“Since it’s my senior season I want to go out with a bang and have a good record,” He said. “We work hard every day. We never want to feel that losing feeling anymore.”

The pressure of being the quarterback will certainly be nothing new for Heard, though. He’s been the go-to guy on the team for some time now. However, he’s not going to settle on that. He has too much left to accomplish to settle.

“It feels special to be the go-to guy, and I was honored, buy I try to get better every day,” Heard explained.

“I’m trying to make it to college to play. I have dreamed of playing in college since I started playing pee wee. The opportunity to be able to do that pushes me. I’m just trying to make it out so I don’t have to pay for college. And so I can prove everyone that doubted me wrong. I love to play football, so it makes me want to be the best.”

Last season Heard made many memories snagging interceptions. He’ll try to grab a few more this month when he hits the Fortius Project. Next season, though, he’ll have to worry about not throwing interceptions. All the responsibility is something he relishes, though.

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