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Creech Brings Unrivaled Energy To The Gridiron

No competitor on hand for the Fortius Project last Saturday at Mississippi Gulf Coast community college was more vocal than Greene County two-way player Tagg Creech.

Humor, confidence, and even a moderate amount of playful trash talk, always seemed to be on the tip of his tongue. Every ear at the camp could hear it, too.

However, Creech could walk the walk, too, as he earned a place on the all-combine team. Between always having something to say, and putting on a show at receiver and defensive back, it was clear that Creech’s most valuable asset is his energy.

“My energy level is very high and I use that as a chance to be a leader. Every time I get the chance to play football I’m full of energy,” Creech told SES Mississippi. “Being able to play football is a blessing. Not everyone gets to play this sport. So many people take it for granted.”

“It was a great experience at the Fortius Project, with a bunch of great guys. I was able to retest my scores to see what I need to continue to work on. Overall, it was a great experience and I am looking forward to coming back.”

Just the day before arriving at Fortius, Creech found out that he will be playing defensive back next season, as well as his usual duties as a receiver. So, he used the camp as a chance to break himself in at cornerback against some of the coast’s best pass catchers.

“Saturday helped me out a lot. It gave me the opportunity to go against good receivers and showed me where I need to improve,” He explained.

“I will be playing corner and safety this year. Playing receiver should help me at corner. I’ll play any position on the field if that is what it takes to win next year.”

Last offseason Creech noted that his route running was the area he improved most. That started with upgrading his footwork. This offseason he is looking to improve a multitude of areas, including his strength. However, he also plans to keep working to sharpen his footwork.

“We are about to start spring ball. So we are going to see what we need to fix before we start the season,” Creech said. “If I keep working on speed, footwork and route running, I believe I will be able to help our team make a run to state.”

Two things that matter most to Creech as he enters his final season at Greene County.

“I want to put our city back on the map,” He stated. “And I just want to be remembered.”

Losing is something that doesn’t mix well with Creech.

“I have always hated to lose. Since I was a little kid I have only been a part of three losing seasons, and it’s not fun,” He said. “The past couple of seasons it’s been all about me and that’s why our team hasn’t been successful.”

“Our senior class has realized when we put that jersey on we are a family. We are playing for more than just ourselves.”

The extra boost to win it all will come from more than just himself and his teammates. Creech cherishes the opportunity to play for the Wildcats. In addition to football, he suits up for Greene County in soccer, baseball, track and formerly basketball.

“This is where I was born and raised. This place is my home,” He said. “There are some of the best people you will ever be around. Our town isn’t big, so everyone knows everybody. They have supported us through it all.”

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