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Billingsley Shows Off Arm At Fortius Project

In many ways Brandon Billingsley was already preparing to be Harrison Central’s quarterback last season. From his strong safety position he was able to see everyone on the field in front of him.

On Saturday the rising senior let it be known that the Red Rebels are in good shape with him set to be under center next season. Billingsley was named all-combine at the Fortius Project at Mississippi Gulf Coast community college.

“I know I have to keep pushing myself to get better after Saturday,” Billingsley told SES Mississippi. “I was thankful for the opportunity to compete out there.”

Billingsley’s mother played softball at MGCCC, so being on campus meant something to both he and his family.

“I’ve lived on the gulf coast my whole life. I love the school and it’s close to home. It’s a great place,” He noted. “I would love to play under the lights.”

Competition between the wideouts stood out to Billingsley. The group of pass catchers and skill guys on hand were very talented, as a whole, as five of the 15 members of the all-combine team were offensive skill guys.

“They were a really good group of guys,” Billingsley said.

As for his own performance, he felt that his “quick feet, good leadership ability, throwing power and throwing accuracy,” helped him earn all-combine status.

“Fortius helped get me more prepared for my spring game,” Billingsley explained.

With just one year remaining in his prep career, Billingsley is maintaining a sharp focus. That has helped him cope with his added responsibilities.

“My goal this season is to do the best I can for my team. Starting off my first year at quarterback my goal is to improve our record and make the playoffs,” He said.

Playing quarterback won’t affect how hard he goes on the defensive side, he says. In fact, he plans to use what has worked for him at his safety spot as he transitions back and forth from his quarterback responsibilities. The dual responsibilities are something he isn’t all too unfamiliar with.

“What makes me successful on defense is dedication,” Billingsley stated. “That means hard work in practice and watching film. It works.”

“I played safety and quarterback coming up. Playing safety helps me understand what a safety is thinking and the same for playing quarterback. It helps seeing both sides.”

Last season gainst rival Gulfport, in a thrilling 14-13 victory, Billingsley came up with a crucial interception. This season he hopes not only to create more of those winning plays on the defensive side, but avoid such mistakes on offense.

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