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Fortius Project Top Performers (4/1/17)


Jackson Byrd, Resurrection

Usually the big men at Fortius shine during position drills and 1-on-1s, but it didn’t take Jackson Byrd quite that long. During the morning testing portion of the camp on Saturday Byrd was standing out in the broad jump and even 5-10-5 shuttle drill.

Throughout the day Byrd would show that his feet were some of the quickest on hand. Furthermore, the Resurrection trench star was as smooth as he was quick. While receivers and defensive backs were taking a break from 1-on-1 work, Byrd tried his hand against a fellow lineman and showed he can run routes and do the work skill guys do, as well.


Becht Rowell, Resurrection

After showing off his smarts and athleticism at the Fortius Project in 2016, Becht Rowell returned to the camp on Saturday. This time, though, he brought a couple of teammates. Just as he did last year at Biloxi, Rowell put on an impressive performance that highlighted his ability to read his opponent and stick with him in coverage. He will be a key cog if the Eagles are to return to the state championship game in 2017.

Blake Porter, Resurrection

If you didn’t know Blake Porter was the quarterback for Resurrection prior to the morning testing portion of Fortius, then you wouldn’t have been able to tell. During the 5-10-5 shuttle and broad jump he rose to the top of the group with his smooth athleticism and explosion. During the team portions he proved to be arguably the best passer, as well. This Fall will mark his third year under center for Resurrection.

Jeremiah Braziel, Gulfport

Perhaps the most physically impressive player at the camp, Jeremiah Braziel showed off his strength and athleticism on Saturday. Though the lack of pads didn’t get him a chance to show off all of his power, he did use it in the linemen obstacle course. In addition to the strength he showed completing the course, he also showed excellent speed burst and change of direction. Braziel could be in line to have one of the best most productive seasons for a defensive lineman on the coast.

Tyreece Hudson, Northeast Jones

A familiar face to the Fortius Project in 2017, Hudson earned his third medal in as many trips to the camp series. The speed that helped him garner the STRONGER award back at Jones County JC on March 4th was back in action on Saturday as he ran a 4.4-second 40-yard dash. Additionally, Hudson was again one of the most impressive, if not the best, cornerback on display. There were a handful of talented receivers, some tall and some quick, but few challenged Hudson’s abilities, even when the sun started to wear most of the competitors down.

Juvon Keyes, Northeast Jones

This also marks the third time for Juvon Keyes to be on this list in as many trips to Fortius in 2017. Even bigger than his abilities is Keys’s personality, and he was again one of the most likable competitors on hand. He showed that he is continually improving this offseason and his will to get better is relentless. He is constantly pushing himself to do another rep and get a bit better. Along with Hudson, he is expected to return to Northeast Mississippi CC on April 22nd.

Justin McCann, Northeast Jones

Accompanying his teammates, Justin McCann was determined to prove his talents as well on Saturday. He shined brightest in the obstacle course, where he was able to show off his versatile skillset. Look for McCann to have a big season alongside Keys in the trenches for Northeast Jones.

KyeMonte Walker, Greene County

​Saturday proved to be a productive day for Greene County standout KyeMonte Walker. He showed that he is explosive, quick and versatile. Look for him to contribute in a variety of ways for the Wildcats this fall. He was a no-brainer to make this all-combine team after testing well and turning heads in the team portion of the camp.

Tagg Creech, Greene County

Easily the most energetic competitor on Saturday, Creech should have been mic’d up for television. Just a day prior to attending Fortius he was told he would be playing cornerback for Greene County. He’s already proven his worth as a playmaking slot receiver. On Saturday he showed that his athleticism and will to compete put no limits on what he can do on the gridiron. He looked natural at cornerback, and at times was great at receiver. There’s no question that his personality and humor shined brightest, though.

Chris Fowler, Poplarville

After a solid performance at JCJC back in March, Fowler showed up the MGCCC on Saturday a new man. It appears this offseason has been and continues to be productive for the Poplarville cornerback. He shut down receivers bigger than him regularly and even overpowered opponents closer to his size. Some pass catchers failed to even get passed the line of scrimmage against him. He showed a variety of skills that continue to sharpen as the offseason goes on. At this rate, he is in line to put together a fantastic season for the Hornets this fall.

Brandon Billingsley, Harrison Central

Saturday was a solid indicator that 2017 could be a a big year for Harrison Central as Brandon Billingsley showed an impressive arm. He will be replacing Tavis Williams this fall, and his determination is evident. Billingsley was kind in interactions, but fierce and focused when competing. That is the mindset he is using this offseason to prepare to be the Red Rebels’ QB1/

Dalvin Abney, Pascagoula

On Saturday Dalvin Abney proved what he showed on the field for Pascagoula last season. That is that he is a versatile athlete that can get it done at multiple positions and spots on the field. To be versatile, you have to possess skills like quickness, speed and motor. He has an excess of each and should have a big season this fall.

Tony Brown, East Central

No player carried a bigger reputation into Saturday’s camp. That’s what happens when you rush for over 3,300 yards and 41 touchdowns in a season. But even those eye-popping numbers weren’t too much for Brown to live up to. He tested well, showing speed explosion and quickness. In the competitive portions during the afternoon he showed just how dangerous he can be as a pass catcher. Even without the ball he can slip by defenders into open space.

Kamron Suddeth, Biloxi

The eldest of the two Suddeth brothers who competed on Saturday, Kamron, was impressive slinging it around the field. A quarterback who will get his shot to be the starting quarterback for Biloxi this fall, Kamron throws a smooth spiral on each toss. He routinely found receivers downfield, hitting them in stride and making their job easy. Additionally, he showed the focus and leadership it takes to be a leader from the quarterback spot.

Jordan Suddeth, Biloxi

The younger Suddeth brother was clearly the lighter side of the two. It seemed Jordan Suddeth turned heads all day long with not only his ability, but his personality. Though Jordan wasn’t the youngest competitor on hand, he was much younger than most of the guys on hand. That didn’t stop him from testing towards the top of the group, as well as catching passes and defending players who will be entering their senior seasons this fall. Look for him to be a star down the road, as he’s certainly a name to remember.

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