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Rowell To Make Long Awaited Fortius Encore

Saturday’s Fortius Project at Mississippi Gulf Coast community college is a long time coming for Becht Rowell. He attended the Biloxi stop in 2016, only to face a day shortened by rain.

This time around the weather is looking to be absolutely perfect. Rowell, who plays linebacker and tight end for Resurrection, is excited to get to showcase his skills.

However, recently the rising senior had questions whether or not he would hit the camp circuit in 2017. Lately Rowell has considered the longterm future of his career.

“I’ve been second-guessing my dreams of playing college football,” Rowell told SES Mississippi. “I can’t really place what made me start to think about it, but I just don’t feel that drive to get to the next level.”

“I just think about wanting to get started with the rest of my life. Deal with my career in college and not college athletics.”

That shortage of interest in pursuing a goal that no longer interests him, however, has put not damper on his zest to help the Eagles return to the 1A title game.

“I’m still very much in love with high school football,” He said. “There’s nothing I want more than to hoist up that gold ball in Oxford this year. This year has to be our best year. This upcoming senior class does not want to go out on a bad note.”

That zeal also exists for his upcoming trip to Fortius. Additionally, a competing at the Fortius Project, he says, will be one part of helping his team reach that ultimate goal next season.

“I want to better myself as a whole,” Rowell stated. “Considering the slight rainout in Biloxi that day, I didn’t get the full experience, but I thoroughly enjoyed the at-home feeling that I received from everybody there. All of y’all at SES were so welcoming and ready to help push all of those in attendance to the next level.”

“I can bring back my improvements to my team and, in turn, make my teammates better. I want to do whatever I can to make this season great. And attending Fortius is one way that I can do that.”

In fact, some of his teammates will be accompanying him this time around, as well.

“I’ve been talking the camp up to my guys for a while. Then even more when this year’s camps were announced,” He said.

“I think it will be a great time and a great experience with them.I know that we are all looking forward to getting some good work in together, and with other great competition. As I said before, we can bring all back what we learn to our team.”

As a freshman in 2014, Rowell contributed on a team that finished 10-2 and lost in the second round to Nanih Waiya. Then in 2015 Resurrection fell to Simmons in the 1A championship game. Last season the Eagles again won 10 games, but fell again to Nanih Waiya in the second round.

In 2015 Rowell and his teammates played for a championship at Vaught-Hemingway stadium in Oxford, which also happens to be the site for the 2017 title game. Considering his passion for the high school game, it’s easy to imagine how important winning a title would be to Rowell.

“Just like the end of my sophomore year this past year left a bad taste in our mouth,” He explained. “We knew we had what it took to make it back the state championship. That’s what made it hurt so much more.”

“If we want to get back to Oxford, we have to work on playing together and consistently.”

The reason he appreciates the game on the high school level is profound, but simple.

“The brotherhood that high school football forms is amazing. I cannot think of another feeling that can compare to stepping out on the field with my brothers around,” Rowell said. “This brotherhood evokes a mindset of doing anything and everything for the men around you and not for yourself. That is what makes high school football so special to me.”

Even if Rowell and football part ways at the conclusion of his impending senior season, there is plenty he will take from the game.

**Photo courtesy of Kerry Bass

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