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Porter Heading To Fortius To Earn Respect

For nine consecutive years - starting with the 2005 season and culminating in 2013 with a state championship - the Forrest County Ag football program finished above .500, with at least six wins. That run included five seasons with double-digit victories.

Now, with three straight losing seasons since that run, the Aggies lack the respect they once had. Rising senior defensive back Demetries Porter, on a personal level, is experiencing the same feeling. But he has a plan to change that.

“Honestly, I feel like I’m not given enough respect on my island on Friday nights,” Porter told SES Mississippi.

So, he has plans to attend the Fortius Project at Mississippi Gulf Coast community college on April 1st.

“No everyone will see how I can lock up wide outs and slots at the camp,” He said. “My hands, my jamming ability at the line of scrimmage and how far I can jump will shine.”

Two things that are on Porter’s to-do list for this offseason are to improve his speed and motivate his teammates to push through adverse situations.

“What makes me an effective leader is that I keep pushing my teammates no matter what the situation is. I motivate everyone around the program to think positively, work hard and have fun,” Porter explained.

In 2016 the Aggies won four games for a second season in a row. Porter made 11 tackles and forced a fumble. The talented defender knows improvement is needed for there to be more success on the team and personal levels.

“I feel like last season was a learning experience,” He said. “The season didn’t go how we planned, but we were ok.

“As for me, I made a few big plays, but I can do better.”

As for next season, Porter has a very simple answer to why the result will be better.

“I feel like I just have to do what I always do and that’s keep working. I’m looking for an outbreak,” Porter stated. “As a team, we just have to keep moving forward and work harder. I promise you we’re coming for something better than last year. Our run game and our secondary will be improved.”

Half way through his sophomore year Porter moved over to Forrest County Ag form Hattiesburg high. The reason being? Well, he wanted to make a statement. Being a gridiron Aggie is making a bold statement.

Though the program has been down for three years, the return to relevance, and even prominence, isn’t a matter of if, but when. There are many programs in Mississippi that always find a way to keep going and thriving. According to Porter, FCAHS has that special ingredient.

“Our program is built off good players, and good people who played for Aggieland high that care about this program. Our tradition is handed down by leaders who were taught well. The community believes in us, as evidenced by our great fans and student section.”

Just as Forrest County Aggie football will rise, expect Porter to do the same. That starts at the Fortius Project at MGCCC.

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