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Porter Ready To Roll At Fortius Project

Resurrection rolled through the 2015 season so fast and so emphatically it was hard to notice that one of the key parts of that team’s success was from a sophomore quarterback.

In 2016 Blake Porter returned for his junior season and though the wins didn’t pile up as they did the season before, his play showed plenty of glimpses of greatness. Porter totaled over 1,300 yards of offense and is poised to shatter that in his upcoming senior season.

We had a chance to catch up with the 6’2”, 180-pound gunslinger shortly after he registered to compete in the April 1, Fortius Project at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

On the 2016 Season for the Eagles…

“Well obviously, our goal was a state championship like we did in my sophomore season. Getting beat in the second round is really hard on a team who's been to state and tasted that state championship experience.”

“This season was a lot different considering we had games where we were only winning games by three points as opposed to blowing out every team like we did the previous year. I think it was a very beneficial year to put us in situations to where we had to win the game in the last minutes and even seconds. I think our team as a whole this year got a lot better and we learned how to be a more all around team.”

On his quarterback play in 2016…

“For me, I had to step up and be a bigger factor on the offensive side, more passes and a lot more of me running the ball. My vertical passing game improved, having the experience under my belt is huge, and I can't wait for my senior year.”

On what he hopes to accomplish at the Fortius Project…

“I've been waiting for this camp for a while now. I can't wait to gauge myself with everyone on the coast and get my name out to everyone who hasn't heard of me. I hope to build a lot of momentum behind me going into my senior campaign and turn some heads at the Fortius Project.”

On what drives him to compete…

“My family, friends, and teammates, they all support me relentlessly and have my back through everything. Also the people who doubt me and wouldn't like to see me succeed, proving people wrong is a feeling like no other. I know I've said teammates but my fellow seniors in the class of 2018 are who I do this all for. I've been playing with them since I was six and to win a state championship with them would definitely be the way I would like to go out of high school.”

**Photo by Keith Warren of the MHSAA.

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