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Cline A Monster On The Line For Terry

As a junior Kaleb Cline was a starter for Terry on the offensive and defensive line. To say he was an important piece would be a major understatement.

The talented Kline anchored an offensive line that paved the way for Terry to rush for more than 200 yards per game. His work on the defensive side, however, is some that he was most proud of.

“Defensive linemen set the tone for the rest of the team,” Cline told SES Mississippi. “We are the first line of defense.”

“In the trenches my mindset is to beat the person in front of me every play.”

After a 5-7 finish last season, the Bulldogs are in building mode. After just an “okay” season for Cline, he is hungry to get after in 2017 and to be a driving force for his team.

“We competed well with everyone we faced, but we are building for the future,” He explained. “We are building in a lot of areas, mostly on the offensive line. To get the ring next year, we just have to get after this spring and summer.”

“I could have been better last season. I have to come out next season with a point to prove that Terry is still on the map. I’m trying my best to help my team compete for a state title.”

The last time Terry was a contender former Mississippi State star and current NFL running back Anthony “Boobie” Dixon was in the backfield.

“I know a little about Boobie,” Cline said. “He was one of the greatest running backs to come through Terry high and he led them to a playoff run.”

Around the time Anthony and his brother Rashun Dixon were tearing it up for the Bulldogs, Cline was just starting out in the sport he has come to love so dearly.

“I started playing when I was eight. I used to play a lot with friends in my the neighborhood. My brother, who was older than me, got me started. I always used to play with the big kids to make me tougher. I just started to love playing,” He said.

Cline loves the game so much, that he respects it enough to give back. He understands the talent and gift that he has been blessed with, so he likes to give back.

“A lot of people don’t know that I love to help people get better,” Cline pointed out. “I used to help a guy who starts for us now when he was an underclassman. I would always stay after practice and help him.”

There is another person, however, that his is driven to give back to the most.

“My mama is a single mom and she has been here my whole life, going through everything I’ve been through,” He stated. “She has given me the world, so I want to be able to give her the world one day.”

The talented two-way lineman plans to put his skills on display at the Fortius Project later this year.

“I want a chance to compete with some of the best players in the state,” Cline said.

He noted his ability to come off the ball low and hard, his hustle, his agility to move around and change directions as some of his strengths. Those are attributes that Cline feels would help him stand out in a camp setting.

**Photo by Bailey Ridley.

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