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Dennis Competes At Fortius Project

For an athlete dealing with the adversity that comes from trying to recover from an injury is about as difficult as it gets. Those injuries that require months and months of rehabilitation can push a player to the brink. In some cases it is enough to make them hang up their cleats. However, that is not the case for Ridgeland’s Klevarian Dennis.

“I tore my ACL in the springs and I got released in November,” Dennis told SES Mississippi. “It was hard but I worked to get to where I am and I feel good.”

He says it was a long road but had help along the way.

“My determination and the support from my team and my family pushed me to get better,” Dennis expressed.

On Saturday at Jones County Junior College Dennis competed in the Fortius Project. He ran through all of the test and then put in work in the one-on-ones. At 5’10” 262 pounds, Dennis clocked in at 5.2 in the 40 and then posted a 5-flat in the 5-10-5. Both times were very impressive for a defensive lineman.

“I felt like I did good,” Dennis explained. “It was my first time at a camp so it was a good experience.”

What was his favorite part?

“The 40’s and the 5-10-5’s,” Dennis answered. “I wanted to see how my knee was going to hold up.”

It held up just fine. Dennis has now put the injury in his rear view and is moving full speed ahead.

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