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Fowler Eyeing Big Finish In Poplarville

Poplarville 2018 defensive back Chris Fowler is a great example of a player who loves the game of football and is willing to pay the price to perfect his craft each and every day on the gridiron.

“I love the competition. I love the contact of the helmet and pads when I hit someone,” Fowler told SES Mississippi. “My coaches have helped my improve a lot on and off the field, from watching film in the film room, to going head to head with my opponent on the field on Friday nights.”

As a player, he likes to compare himself to an SEC defensive back in Justin Evans.

“He [Evans] is a ballhawk and I see myself just like him. He loves the contact and he is everywhere on the field,” Fowler said.

As a junior this past season, Fowler learned a lot from the class that came before him. Now that last season is behind him, he is ready to embrace being a leader and lead his team back to the 4A state title game after falling to Lafayette last season in Starkville.

“The seniors planted a seed in our heads to just work harder than the man in front of us,” Fowler said. “After we lost in the title game, we all know now what it takes to get back to the title game.”

A historic 12-2 campaign also tightened the bonds of the small town community that is Poplarville.

“Before this season, our community was separated. During the season, our community started to come together from the district games to the title game,” Fowler said. “We played every game for our community.”

Fowler’s speed was used on both sides of the football last season, as a running back and as a defensive back. This season, he is needed most on the defensive side of the ball. He will look to improve on those key aspects of defense at the upcoming Fortius Project at Jones Community College on March 4th.

“I play defensive back, people overlook me because of my height. I am going to show what I can do at the Fortius Project,” Fowler said. “I’m looking to work on my footwork too.”

In 2017, it will be all business on the field according to Fowler.

“We have to take every game like it is a business trip and work harder than the other man in front of us,” Fowler said.

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